Day: August 20, 2019

What are the qualities of a good real estate agent?

A real estate agent is there to make you easier buying, selling or renting. As a true professional, he has skills in a wide variety of fields: legal, tax, financial, environmental standards … and most importantly he has experience! This may seem obvious but a real estate agent will attend more real estate transactions in his career than you in your entire life.

If it is necessary to favor a local agency (for its good knowledge of the district), it is necessary to leave a part of the effect to express before engaging with a real estate agent.

A sense of sharp listening

Looking for a home to buy is a very engaging activity. It is therefore important that you let a real estate agent know your desires for your future home (and especially what you do not want). A good real estate agent will listen to your needs, even those you have not expressed! Having a better vision of the market, he will be able to advise you of the dwellings which correspond to your needs and your budget. For this, he must ask you relevant questions.

prospecting a real estate agent

This search for “understanding” with your agent must also be valid when selling your property. From the estimate of the selling price to the acceptance of an offer of purchase, it will have to take into account your objectives: to sell quickly and to sell at the best price.

No rush but information!

A good real estate like Ki Residences Sunset Development agent does not act in haste. This does not mean that it is not responsive! He will always be there to readjust a selling price or to present you a housing just put on the market. It will also adapt to your schedules or your constraints for visits.

We must not forget the important work of prospecting a real estate agent: he must be convincing and passionate for sellers to agree to entrust him with a sales mandate. It is thanks to these mandates that he will be able to offer you the accommodation of your dreams.

As a professional, he will regularly inform you of his actions for example by providing reports of visits or by proposing to refine your criteria to better target your search.

Safe Realty To Buy – Buyers Must Know

Why people are very careful when it comes to buying a home? They only wanted to buy a worthy investment from their hard-earned cash. This has a very simple answer yet uneasy to make. Why? Some homebuyers don’t have any requirements when buying a home. They simply look for the property and decide to buy after checking. They did not even care about how the property becomes a good buy. Always keep in mind that a residence is a property where you will be staying for the rest of your life. Unless if you are selling it in the future. But, a home doesn’t only hundreds but thousands and even millions. So, looking and buying a property must be taken seriously.

There are a lot of considerations and requirements before buying a property. These considerations must be checked first before deciding to buy. Come to think of it, is the property secured and safe to stay with your family? Ki Residences Enbloc will make sure that every home buyer’s needs are answered and can be met. As a home buyer, you are free to do the checking because money is concerned here. No one would want to buy a property but after a week of staying, it doesn’t give the safety and comfort that are expected.


The location

The place where the residence is located is very important. Homebuyers must focus on the location first before everything else. Of course, no one wants to live in a residence where it is far from civilization. Although it offers simplicity on the way of living, still residence around the city is favorable. It doesn’t give you any hassle when going to your workplace. Also, your children will never have a problem with going to school.

Property specifications

Residences for sale offers good prices. Now, home buyers must be watchful when seeking for a property to buy. There are newly-built residences offered like condors, apartments, and in subdivisions giving all the needs of a home buyer. For example, the amenities, park, shopping centers must be checked. Also, property specifications are more important. Are you planning on getting a two-story house? What will be the floor area that you wanted to get and the entire property size of the residence? These must be the bases when choosing a residence to buy. Specifications play an important role when spending your money in buying a house. Ki Residences Enbloc might be the right location and residence that meets your needs.