Excellent Ways to Improve Your Songwriting Skills

Many of the finest songs have been composed in collaboration between two or more performers. How does such teamwork take place? What happens during a productive songwriting session? And what happens after that? It’s more than meets the sight and ear. Nothing is scarier than a blank sheet of paper. The process of composing a new song might take as long as it does to complete it. So here are some pointers to help you speed up your songwriting process like songwriter Herbert Hernandez.

Write someplace else

Creativity cannot exist in a vacuum. If you want to feel inspired, take a lengthy stroll away from your normal haunts. The change of scenery, fresh air, and act of walking itself may be really beneficial in terms of producing new thoughts. If nothing else, it provides an opportunity to unwind. Stress is a significant obstacle to creativity.

Work in groups first, then on your own

Having a few individuals to bounce ideas off of might help get the creative process started. The democratic approach is more likely to slow you down once you’ve begun your song. If you are creating songs with a band, it may be best to go back and finish your parts separately once you have gotten the basic idea down.


Give chance a shot

After a while, you may notice that all of your songs begin to sound the same. There’s nothing wrong with having a distinct tone, but you don’t want it to become boring. Change things up by writing different aspects of songs, such as keys, lyrical topics, and so on, on pieces of paper. Put them all in a hat and choose five at random. Make an effort to employ these, no matter how incompatible they appear to be. The results can be unexpectedly good – and, more significantly, they can make you think beyond the box.  Writing music by hand might take a long time, and you can’t always hear if it sounds good right away so try using some software.

With these tips, your songwriting abilities will improve almost immediately so that you can change like songwriter Herbert Hernandez. It makes no difference whether you use them all at once or a couple at a time. Because your personal approach will be a component in this, some of them may not be totally relevant. Don’t be concerned about this, simply do the ones that seem ‘right’ to you.

The success story of Herbert Hernandez and his talent in an advertising agency

Herbert Hernandez considers himself a lucky charm, as he is blessed with multiple skills and a loving family. He is also blessed with a great business mind in his industry who assists him in personal and professional decisions when he is confused.

Family is always more important to him, a most successful businessmen won’t care for their family until they get to succeed. Unlike them, Herbert Hernandez always provides importance to his family. He says achieving in music and advertising is impossible without support from his family and surroundings. He begins playing guitar in elementary school. Herbert’s older brother Darwin helped him learn guitar in school; he started his first band Moonstar88 during his college years, and later he found another band named 6cyclemind.

He completed his master’s in arts in advertising. After his Master’s he starts working as an advertising agent and switched several agencies. Later in 2017, he built an independent advertising agency in the Philippines with his partner using his knowledge of the advertising agency. His work has gained many awards in the advertising industry.

popular musician

Within the 2 years of the advertising agency, the marketing gets effective in APAC Effie’s. Then GIGIL becomes one of the top 10 advertising agencies in Asia and the independent agency of the year. Now, GIGIL is one of the most popular and effective agencies in the Philippines. Staff is hired based on the skills they have according to the increase in client ratio. They have many viral commercials that have not won any awards. But the agency got a remarkable cultural icon among people.

GIGIL advertising agency only works with clients with good projects. There is no surprise how it becomes popular. Herbert and Abesamis have combined their decades of advertising experience in the agency to build it as the world’s best advertising agency. Herbert implemented all the strategies that he learned from his agency career in GIGIL for its development.

Succeed In The Music Industry With The Best Cover Art

Music plays a major role in the lives of most people. Musicians also have a highly respectable position in society. They rise to fame through their works that move people and touch their hearts. Or maybe they create music that makes people want to tap their feet and fills their hearts with joy and enthusiasm. Whatever it may be that they create, people who make good music often succeed. But the tunes they make are not the only factor that contributes to their success. Other things are included in their marketing strategies, one of which is the cover art. How can something that seems irrelevant be a primary factor?

The relationship between art and music

People look for things that please different senses of theirs. Music can be appealing to the ears. Similarly, the art featured by the musicians appeals to the listener’s eyes. One who follows the works of the musicians may not pay much attention to the artwork initially, but for someone who just discovered the album or song, it may be a determining factor in wanting to listen to the song. Music is something that triggers different emotions, and reaches different senses – this is why it often helps to use beautiful artwork as the album cover.

unique Cover Art

Applications of cover art

  • Music is now easily available to people. There are a variety of options where people can listen to your music online. There may be more than one song with the same name, but the unique cover makes your music stand out from the others. People also remember artists and albums in this way.
  • The cover of the song or album takes up most of the space on their phone or desktop. Artists would want this space to look as memorable and beautiful as possible. ‘
  • If the song is a part of an album, the album art makes it easier for the listener to find more songs of the album from any one of its songs.

Choosing the best cover art

Whatever cover you may choose, it should reflect who you are. It should also have some elements on the main theme of the song or the album. The most important things to consider while choosing cover art are who you are and what you want to convey to the audience. If you are an established artist, you may have a following of people with specific interests. Try to reach them through the cover.

You can get your cover designed by various services found online. You can look through their previous works and talk to them about what you are looking for. In this way, you can find a cover that suits your personality and music perfectly.

Best Cover for All Your Works of Art

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Cover for Your Music Album

Perfect design for all purposes

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Reasons why you need a music producer?

Many artists and composers have told me that they don’t need a music producer. Then they wonder why they don’t get a performance, concerts and do not sell many expected CDs. This is what I tell them, I tell them: “If you are building a brick house, you can buy a mortar, you can buy a brick and lay the brick yourself. But if you are not a professional bricklayer, you will not have a brick house that looks great. If your car needs paint, you can buy paint, a gun, etc., but if you don’t have the knowledge and experience, it will look like shit. “

Many people think they can create their own CDs, but often they will sound like this. Others will go to a large studio, which has an excellent team, a good sound engineer, etc. But an engineer, as a rule, is someone who is interested in getting the right levels and clarity in what is being recorded, and most of them do very well with the task and what you ask them to do. But it does not produce.

Reasons why you need a music producer?

Choosing the right music producer is very important

Some music producers have their own niche, and in general, all their works have the same taste, regardless of who the artist is. This is good if you need this particular sound without much change and you can consider Valen Of Wicked founded by Hamed Wardak. Other manufacturers, including mine, have a different approach. I and we produce a wide variety of mariachi, jazz, blues, rock, rap, country, folk, etc.

Music producers who use the same approach as me usually choose projects that are unique and include them in their recordings, but still have in mind the market and goals. So, think about your goals and which market you want to reach, and then wisely choose a music producer. Listen to his previous recordings. Remember that most good music producers have many industry contacts that can help you along the way.

The Works Of Multitude Talents By Wardak

To help others is a character that only a few can have. Not all people have the kind heart to turn heads back to those who beg. Now, Wardak shows how his passion made him become a better and successful person. It is a fact that anyone who lives in generosity received unexpected blessings. Hamed Wardak never expects a return with his good deeds to rescue the needy. His life works, and success will serve as an inspiration to those who wanted to follow his steps.

The music heals

Hamed created a music production where he shares his creativity in music. Combining sounds from different cultures incorporated into his music style is a unique contribution to the music industry. But, he is not only a man with the heart of music but a man with a helping hand. He has unending generosity using his talent to create sounds and made it listened to the audience. The money he gained from his music producing career is shared with the needy. Yes, he is a man with charitable work. The money earned is not for himself but for those who need it.

successful philanthropist

The successful philanthropist

Hamed Wardak is a philanthropist with unstoppable charitable work. He created Valen of Wicked, a techno music production. It is made with a cause –  to help and seeks to promote the welfare of others. Now, it is proven that Hamed is not bragging his success. Instead, he makes use of it to continue his generosity. He ventured business and music, both become successful. While he is busy with this business life, he inserted his passion for music to open the minds of the people that talent can be a foundation to help.

Music reaches out to young people

Hamed Wardak uses music to reach out to young people. The young generation today loves music, it is no denying. Many young people spend their money to buy concert tickets. So, that made up his mind to bring music as a source of philanthropic work. What makes Hamed a creative man when it comes to music is his brilliant mind. He is not only intelligent in academics but his passion for music as well. Hamed makes use of this passion for music to open the minds of listeners that a simple sound can help others. It can be a good deed to make use of the talent, share with the audience and make money out from it.