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What Are The Crimes One Can Commit Against A Person?

Due to our lack of knowledge of various laws of the land, we commit various crimes without knowing that such activities can land us in the jail. As a matter of fact, such activities take away a few years to the entire life as you may have to spend them in a jail. Therefore, it is important for every person to know the different types of activities that are considered to be a crime. In case you get into one, you need quality criminal defence lawyers Sydney who have proven records of successfully defending.

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Battery –

When you try or assault someone physically or threaten someone that put his or her life in immediate danger, you are liable to battery charges. Depending on the degree of the activities, they can be pursued as civil cases as well especially when there is no actual physical harm.

Domestic Violence –

Assaulting any person in your home irrespective of your relationship with him or her is viewed as a criminal offence. It can be child abuse, mistreating wife, assaulting old parents and likewise. Even when you are assaulting a person who is a partner to you in a live-in relationship or unmarried relationship, you are liable to criminal charges. It does not have to be physical harm only, it can be psychological abuse as well. Only the specialized criminal defence lawyers Sydney can reduce your punishment or prove you innocent.

Harassment –

Harassment refers to various activities and such a case can be civil or criminal depending on the degree of the activities. Stalking a person on the roads or on the internet can be classified under harassment. Harassment can take place anywhere like in the office, workplace, home, in public place and likewise. Anything that annoys, torments, alarms, and terrorizes a person can be considered as harassment.

Hate Crime –

Hate crime is rising across the world where a person or a group of people are harassing and instigating others to act on another group of people who have a different race, caste, creed, religion, sexual orientation and various other distinguishable parameters. It is a direct violation of civil rights.

Apart from this, abducting someone is a criminal offence and a person may face life imprisonment by such criminal activities.