Find Out the Medical Benefits of Chili Powder Used Frequently in Your Kitchen

These chili powders not only add the taste and flavor to your food, but they also possess varied health benefits. There are 12 options for chili powders, and it is good to know them all. Here is a list of health benefits of the ingredients that are widely used: –

1- Cumin Seeds: – Cumin is one of the widely used chili spices. It is mainly used in curries, cookies, parathas, rice, soups, and more. Cumin seeds contain the right amount of iron that helps to control stomach pain, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, heartburn, vomiting, and morning sickness.

2- Saffron: – This golden and thread-like spice is highly effective anti-oxidant, having anti-ageing properties, works as an anti-depressant, exceedingly rich in minerals and vitamins, and is also heart-friendly. It is also a very strong and powerful natural aphrodisiac.

3- Fennel: – Fennel is also called as Saunf. It is not only the heart of varied dishes as well as pickles but is also eaten as a post meal as a mouth freshener. The small green fennel seeds are a perfect bunch of vitamin C, fibre, iron, and potassium and are also well accepted as an anti-spasmodic. Also, it is hugely used to relieve colic, especially in infants as well as children.

4- Garam Masala: – Garam masala powder is commonly used in almost every kitchen. This effective masala is chiefly used in different vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cuisines like Chicken Kurma, Roghan Ghosh, Fish Curry, Mutton, Dal Makhani, etc. Being an effective stimulant, Garam Masala helps in easy digestion and also acts as a potent anti-oxidant.

5- Asafoetida: – Asafoetida is also recognized as Heeng. It is strong in taste with its robust flavour. Add a nip of Heeng while making Dal and you can see yourself the difference of flavour as well as the aroma. This flavouring agent has fantastic health benefits as it effectively helps digest food. It is also incredibly useful in the treatment of health problems concerning women like extreme pain as well as excessive menstruation.

6- Black Pepper: – This widely used spice is also identified as Kali Mirch. Most people use black pepper as an effective home remedy for cough, fever, and cold.

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