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Importance Of A Notarized Birth Certificate Translation

Translated birth certificates are needed especially when going abroad, but there will also be instances where you will be required to have a birth certificate translation notarized. If you have your birth certificate professionally translated, there are instances where you will be requested to give a verification which will come in two forms – notarized translation and certified translation.

To some people, these two terms are confusing. This is why it is very important that you do not only understand the importance of a notarized translation but also of a certified translation. To make things easier for you, let us go ahead and learn more about these two and find out what makes one different from the other.

Certified Translation.

These are guaranteed interpretation and it implies that the translation provided is claimed to be valid and precise of the original document. These translations are usually needed for authoritative records like business contracts, movement archives, birth, passing, or marriage testaments, and so on. Any qualified interpreter would be able to provide a certified translation. These documents are guaranteed by marking and appending a testament of the completed interpretation.

Notarized Translation.

This is a legally approved translation and it is usually referred to as “Notarized Translation.” This is more about authority systems and less about quality control. A legal official who supervises and verifies these legitimate customs can process authenticated interpretations. This is usually a requirement for instruction based archives such as for secondary school transcripts and sometimes for remote certificates. Once the legal official marked it and puts a seal on it, it’s good to go.

Notarized Translation

Here are some of the instances where you will need a notarized birth certificate:

  • When you are required to submit family documents for migration purposes.
  • Getting ready to move to another country.
  • The US government is very strict with their decree regarding notarized birth certificates when you are receiving an infant.
  • For marriage declarations and separation endorsements.

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