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What is a Natural Way to Get Rid of Lice?

Infestation of lice is a common problem, and the presence of nits or lice is used to make a treatment. The characteristic itching that comes with the infection can be exacerbated in some cases by a bacterial infection. It has a significant impact on children, and people are concerned about its treatment. If you are also troubled by this type of problem, or if your children become infested with head lice, you can contact lice removal Sacramento, CAfor the best treatment.

Even if you do not want to use medication to treat a head lice infestation, there are other options. Consider an alternative home remedy for lice removal that will not harm you or your children. Some of the oil listed below may be helpful to you.

Essential oil 

lice removal los angelesIn small clinical studies, suffocation of certain natural plant oils was shown to kill lice. Among these oils are:

  • Tea tree oil 

Because essential oils are concentrated and effective, using tea tree oil for lice can be useful. Tea tree oil lice treatment consists of carrier oil, such as olive oil, mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil alone can cause itching, so combine it with any carrier oil before use.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil may be a workable option for those who are unable to tolerate powerful treatments. You can see a dermatologist or lice removal Sacramento, CA,if you want effective treatment. The lauric acid in the oil, on the other hand, can help kill the lice. This treatment is not as impactful as other over-the-counter lice treatments, but it is less harmful to your body.

  • Lemongrass essential oil

The main compounds in lemongrass that have insecticidal properties are citronellal and nerol. In comparison to other lice-killing shampoos, it is safe for children to use because it doesn’t formulate with malathion or any insecticide. It has no side effects and can use to get rid of lice.


This method is old and widely used by the public. Using a fine-toothed comb to comb wet hair removes lice and some nits. You can do this with dry hair, but studies show that the results vary. Use a fine comb to comb the hair at least twice. Keep in mind that if you apply too much pressure to the comb, the skin on your scalp may hurt, and you will have to deal with the problem. For several weeks, repeat this process every three to four days. It should be done for at least two weeks for satisfactory results, after which no more lice should discover.