The basic steps of hard floor cleaning

There is no definitive description of how to clean hard flooring in commercial buildings; however, each cleaning schedule should be practical, fit for purpose for the specific flooring, and take into account the frequency with which the floor needs to be cleaned. Hence, hard floor cleaning services in Indianapolis, IN, are hired for better results.

Get rid of dirt and dust

Dust and debris are the primary causes of dingy floors, and removed before anything. Dirt smeared across the wooden floor and leaving unsightly marks.

Mop with a mild cleanser

While specific hardwood flooring cleaning products are available, a natural, homemade cleaning solution made with warm water and baking soda is very effective for daily or regular mopping. Thorough clean, soiled or stained hardwood floors may require an alkaline water-based cleaning solution.

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors: Some dos and don’ts

The dos

  • At least once every two weeks, inspect the surface for any damage or scratches and, if necessary, hire a professional to refinish the floor.
  • Sweep the floor
  • Spills should soaked up right away.
  • Place rugs or carpets over areas where direct sunlight.

The don’ts

  • When mopping, avoid using hot or cold water.
  • To remove stains, avoid using abrasive scrubbers or cleaning tools.
  • Avoid wearing spiked shoes while walking around.
  • Do not leave any wet items on the floor for an extended period.

The dirtiest part of any commercial facility is usually the floors. Hard floor cleaning services in Indianapolis, IN, do an amazing job getting the place spick and span. Floors expected to be dirty in an office, a retail store, or a hospital due to hundreds of people, visitors, and customers throughout the day.

The good news is that regular office floor cleaning can help keep them looking nice and germ-free.