Most important things to know about the property managers

Rental apartment

If you live in a rental apartment or own a condominium in a multi-party house, there are numerous administrative tasks involved. Professional property managers specialize in these services.

Property management tasks at 33 Realty the most important things at a glance

For condominiums:

  • Maintenance and renovation of the building and the outdoor facilities
  • Calculation and billing of operating and energy costs
  • Duty to provide information and visibility about measures and their costs
  • Organization of owners’ meetings

For rental apartments:

  • Lease and commercial tasks
  • Correspondence with the owner / s of the building
  • Maintenance and renovation work as with condominiums

Rental apartment

If residents are dissatisfied:

  • Can owner associations terminate the business relationship and instruct a new administration
  • Under certain circumstances, tenants can obtain a rental price reduction

It should be noted that the property management services has to represent the interests of the owners as best as possible. Good building management takes its role seriously and reliably takes care of maintenance, cost calculation and mediation between the parties. She carries out her tasks professionally and is available to both owners and tenants in an informative and open manner. Only when there is a trusting relationship between the administration and the residents can both sides benefit from long-term cooperation.

The property manager is entitled to make certain decisions about home ownership and in this context he may also ensure that the house rules are implemented. He can also take whatever measures are required for proper maintenance. He also has the right to collect burdens and costs, insofar as it is a matter of common property matters. In general, he also manages the communal funds, but he must always separate them from his own property. The appointment and dismissal of the manager are determined by the owners themselves through a majority vote at the owners meeting.