Alexei Orlov: The Founder And Global CEO Of MTM Choice

Alexei Orlov’s brand building

The Succesful Businessman

Alexei orlov is a known global marketer and business leader who never miss any chance to seize all the opportunities he had to ensure his and his institution’s growth. His dedication and talent not only resulted in the growth of the MTM Choice but also in various other world-famous institutions including DAS and Volkswagon company. He is a man who considers business over his own life as he just loves enjoying working harder and seeing the institution he is serving reaching the topmost position. He is a man who has about thirty years of experience from over 40 different countries and 50 brands. Having such a rich and striking business life isn’t that easy for anyone to deal with.

Brand Building 

Before MTM

He wasn’t relaxing or taking a rest before he found the MTM Choice. Al those years he worked with various companies in various countries and earned success in those institutions through his strategies,plans, and hard work. He worked as the senior advisor of the CEO and as chairman of an international division of Omnicon, DAS. He also served as the CEO of a highly influential CRM group, RAPP. Alexei triggered Volswagon marketing all overChina and ASEAN when he was the CMO of China’s Volkswagon group. His marketing experiences lie like the grand ocean and are likely rich.

MTM Choice

Alexei orlov found the MTM Choice in 2017 with the headquarters in New York City. The world has witnessed the wonderful growth made by all those companies where he worked in high positions and what might be the condition of a private company founded by the very same individual. Of course, it has become a great success and is serving about 120 happy clients. The man is a great inspiration for all those aspirants who wish to become successful marketers or businessmen.