Planning to Become a RBT? Important Points to Know


Even though you are certified in various other fields such as teaching, getting an additional RBT acronym in your name can prove highly invaluable. You can find many registered behavior technician openings online; let us look at some important points:

  • RBT helps to improve the self-confidence by using various principles of ABA to support their clients with the behavioral issues.
  • With skill development and function-based ABA involvements will help to advance your career.
  • Parents and clients will be assured about your qualifications to handle any complexities of autism or other disabilities.
  • Becoming the Registered Behavior Technician comes with the beneficial BCBA mentorship & continuing education credits.
  • Taking out time to complete 40 hr training proves your passion and determination to your potential employers about your commitment.

ABA services

ABA therapy generally relies on the systematic manipulations of environment to change behavior.  Often, common characteristics of behavior can be analyzed as Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence that will determine influential factors that affect the behavior. The commonly used techniques will include:

Positive Reinforcement

It gives meaningful rewards when any student exhibits the desired behavior.


Approximating desired behavior before any students will demonstrate it, and as the right way of teaching to them.

Prompting & Prompt Fading

Giving students right cues to perform the desired behaviors, and slowly reducing the cues’ strength till students do not need it


Teaching students discrete and related “steps” in the desired behavioral sequences, or offering reinforcement when they master them

Naturalistic Teaching

Coaching the students to exhibit their desired behaviors as the opportunities of doing arise in a course of daily routine.

Final Words

Getting the credential of Registered Behavior Technician is one big step to learn the behavior analytic theories that are applied to treat developmental delays. But, it will not offer autonomy. RBTs should meet personally twice in a month with the BCBA when delivering ABA services. Having the Board Certified Behavior Analysts licensing will make sure compliance with the professional protocols, particularly client confidentiality.