Three Things you Need to Know for an Incredible Music Promotion Plan

Incredible Music Promotion Plan

The musical promotion plan can be divided into a simple phrase.

“Find out what the fans want and then give them.” If you can do this, you will not have problems to build an excellent musical career. The key is not to completely change your image and style to fit the brand. It is best to massage what you are already doing to adapt to the market. So, if you write a lot of rap songs, see what the best rappers do and ask yourself what they give their fans and how you could offer the same thing in your own style.

While it is true that the Internet is changing the way music is commercialized, it is not enough to believe that everything that is done on the Internet works. For example, the easiest way to sell your music promotion can be through your website or social networks, of which you are a part, but remember that doing something is very easy; it does not mean that it is useful. You see, online marketing is not just a tool … it must also produce results, and you must track the results over time so that you can keep the winners and destroy the losers.

music promotion plan

Try incorporating the following tips into your music promotion plan.

Know your goal. How can you sell something if you don’t even know who is going to buy your stuff? You may have hundreds of letters on your mailing list, but how many of them belong to the market that suits you? Do a little research and poll your audience. Are they the person who will come to your show or buy your albums?

If you want to be a pop star, can you send marketing emails? The answer here is too obvious, but many people believe that their music is so good that it draws people’s attention, and although in some cases it is, it is much more difficult than finding a group of people with whom you are 90 %. What are you doing?

Know your marketing opportunities. Now, what is the best way to sell your music online? Are you going to send emails that will attract potential customers due to their product discounts and records? If so, then the next question: do you have the means to do this? Do the calculations, because gifts cost you money. In addition to the budget, you must also consider the effectiveness of the methods you will use. Are you ready to spend hours at the computer to advertise your stuff? Even promoting free music is worth your time, and for you, it’s even more valuable than money, because we all have limited time.

Know what matters. The best way to communicate is not only to speak but also to listen. Well, you are very consistently sending promotional and informative emails to your fans or updating your status on Facebook and Twitter. They know what happens to you. They listen to you … but what about them? Do you care at all about the comments they leave on your website and social networks? Spend some time trying to listen to what people are saying. Encourage them to comment on your publications or emails. And from there, analyze where they come from. Try to see the value of their proposals and adapt to them if you can.