Guide On How To Use The Various Fascia Blaster Products

Fascia Blaster Products

Fascial Blaster is one of the remarkable things Ashley Black has created for the health and posture of the people. There is a lot of fascia blaster anyone can enjoy and experience the perks of using this kind of tools. Every tool for health services a big role in every individual especially this fascia blaster that can probably help people to enhance and fix postures to regain self-confidence.

The FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black is the number 1 marketing a self-massage myofascial device for rubbing individual’s tissue. The FasciaBlaster was created, directed, and manufactured by Ashley Black and can massage fascia and muscles on almost any region of the body.

FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black

Various Fascia Blaster Products

  1. This Face Blaster is a different design, and the smallest Blaster device created, with 3 tiny, soft claws that use the same advantages of the FasciaBlaster for smaller, sensitive areas. It was particularly designed for the face and briefly improves local blood circulation to the face, which is unusual for the skin. Even though it was produced for the face, it is an astounding prep tool for all over the body. Every user can enjoy this and would love for their small spaces like the neck, head feet, fingers, and knees. This tool was so successful that the company had 100,000 users on the waitlist for this product when it started.
  2. Mini 2, from Ashley Black, provides for comfortable single-handed FasciaBlasting. An individual can use all the techniques of the FasciaBlaster in difficult to enter areas such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms. The Mass tips on the Mini 2 which allows for smooth transitioning between FasciaBlasting and trigger point treatment. This version is good and perfect for the people who want to travel and want to have an “on the go” FasciaBlasting sessions. The Mini 2 is one of the most resourceful tools yet, and a must-have for FasciaBlaster users.
  3. The FasciaBlaster Nugget is a pocket-sized tool to improve target small or unreasonable areas. An individual need to make sure to apply a FasciaBlaster prep and massage tool before rinsing with the Nugget.
  4. The PaddleBlaster is the latest addition to the FasciaBlaster family of self-massage devices, composed by Ashley Black, motivated by her personal health achievements. The PaddleBlaster is different in that it is a bigger device with 3 rows of FaceBlaster claws, for a total of 36 claws, providing for efficient Full-Body Blasts. An individual can do a total full-body excitement in only 10-15 minutes. Anyone can give themselves a proficient fascia massage on a daily basis. The PaddleBlaster is also an unbelievable Prep tool when worked flat. Use the PaddleBlaster with all claws regularly putting across the skin to make the body to move on to the Massage tools. The PaddleBlaster is much more complex than the other tools but still has the small fragile claws, so every user needs to ensure they will handle it with special care and with dry hands.