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How to find the Best Domain Names which are expired

Internet is a pool of websites and domain names. From dot net to dot org, there are thousands of website domain names that get registered each day and also go expired. There can be several reasons for the expired domain names to come into existence; however, the most common ones is the failure to renew the domain name on time.

Domain names are kind of gems and in order to find the best gems that have gone expired, one need to go through a deep research and have the ability to be quick enough in making the purchases once they have found a suitable domain name that is expired. However, it is important to learn how to buy expired domains before you get started.

Best Domain Names

How-to Steps to find the Best Domain Names which have expired

  1. Make a potential list of bulk sources that will help you to find multiple domain names which have expired. There are several websites that offer this service and allow you to filter your search based on the specifications that you are looking for
  2. Work on the bulk registration tool provided by different registrars
  3. Send multiple requests to the registrar for the domain names that you have chosen and empty your cart
  4. Carry out a visual filtering process of these domain names. This will take a couple of minutes but would allow you to spot the most interesting names for purchase
  5. Make a text document and categorize the domain names into two – the available list of domain names and the shortlisted domain names
  6. Now is the time to check the popularity of these domain names. You may do this very easily using a popularity tool checker which is available for free over the Internet
  7. You may also use the backlink tool checker to get an idea of the number of backlinks that are already linked to the domain name.
  8. You may also use the keyword tool to find the most popular keywords and choose expired domain names accordingly

Furthermore, grab a know how of how to buy expired domains.