Discover the Importance of Veeam and Its Features

            The growth of technology provides constant changes to the industry. Most of the establishments, companies, and various fields of work use technology. With modern technology, people can do their work quickly and easily. People rely on the internet for information. And it has many uses, especially for data handling and storing records.

You may already hear of US-owned Veeam and have a broad idea of what it does. Yet, for those who are wondering what it is. Below are some details.

Learn about Veeam

            Veeam was established in 2006, it is a software company with a great growth story. In 2008, it released Veeam Backup and Replication with only 10 employees. It is a software application to copy and back up virtual machines. On VMware’s progressively popular virtualization platform. The name Veeam has become well-known everywhere with reliable and easy VM Backup. And restore which is broadly deployed in companies of all sizes. It has also expanded its backup capabilities. To Microsoft Hyper-V as well as on Linux servers and physical Windows. Many companies around the world trust their data protection. To the software’s affordability and simplicity of Veeam.

Veeam will provide the right product that meets perfectly their data needs.

Cloud Data Management System

Reasons why Customers Choose Veeam

  • Veeam is hardware agnostic and software-defined. Providing the ultimate in best-in-class customer flexibility and solutions.
  • Veeam gives a single platform for promoting hybrid, modernizing back up. And securing your data.
  • Their platform is open and compliments a wide ecosystem of partners. To integrate easily their solution into any customer environment.
  • They provide flexible, simple, and reliable Backup. So their customers can focus and go beyond their business. As they always say Veeam just works.

Veeam can back up in many different ways. Some of the backups just permit an agent backup to the cloud. A great way to keep a company and customer in compliance. In that, they’ve got their data secure offsite and onsite.

Some of the Features of Veeam:

  • Instant File-Level Recovery
  • Reporting
  • Standalone Console
  • Forecasting
  • Data Loss Avoidance
  • On-Demand Sandbox
  • Capacity Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Scale-out Backup Repository
  • Automated Disaster Recovery

Veeam is a popular data protection service for organizations and individuals. It’s currently available in various packages. To help achieve the specific needs of the end-user. The tool reduces instances of data loss by moving all data to their cloud-based servers. It permits companies to improve their recovery time and meet their objectives. There’s new anticipation of today’s data. Veeam is developed distinctly to assist customers along their journey. Veeam partners with 70K+ software partners, industry-leading hardware. Service providers and system integrators.