Strategic Lead

Alexei Orlov on successful acquisition activation

Many business people have successful entrepreneurial ventures and decided to develop their business in all the possible ways. Alexei Orlov is a qualified business owner, marketing expert, and a successful entrepreneur. He had so many entrepreneurial ventures in the early stage of this career life. He owned the MCW and ROCQM known and suggested for the brand strategy. These businesses sold for an important profit after Orlov built them up in the professional ways. He worked with one of the most successful and popular digital specialist agencies namely Wunderman. He has 8-year tenure with this company and played several significant roles especially Executive Vice Chairman, Global COO, and President of their Europe operations.

Alexei Orlov

The best guidance and services

Orlov successfully worked as the Global Strategic Lead with WPP and co-led with several automotive clients especially Land Rover, Ford, and Jaguar. He had the best experience in leadership roles with several companies established by others. He was ready to return to his passion for the overall entrepreneurships. He decided to part the complete ways with Omnicom and makes his own business once again. He established the best-in-class nature of the boutique holding group MTM recommended for the brand development as well as media. He was building this reliable company and returned to his roots in marketing.

Make a good decision

Alexei Orlov is the CEO of the MTM and known for his dedication to overseeing the operations for his company. He works as an adviser with all clients and connects with several companies worldwide to provide his marketing expertise. It is the appropriate time to focus on the key to the success of Orlov. The main reason behind the ever-increasing success of Orlov is making every hour count. He attributes his overall accomplishments to hard work. He uses every chance to learn and improve various aspects of this professional life.