Sexual excitement


Vaginal discharge is a normal fluid from the vagina opening and is no cause of alarm. The color and consistency of the discharge tells a lot about a woman’s reproductive health. When checking for signs of infection and if treatment is needed, gynecologists determine diagnosis by examining vaginal discharge.  A white discharge is normal. What varies is the texture, consistency and volume of the discharge.

examining vaginal discharge

Some women experience excessive discharge and this is due to various reasons:

  • During ovulation, the discharge is more thanks to the progesterone hormone.
  • Pregnancy comes with changes to the body, an increase in vaginal discharge being one.
  • Sexual excitement also determines quantity of discharge. A sexually aroused woman is more likely to have more discharge than one who is not aroused.
  • Stress leads to hormonal imbalances which affect reproductive health.

Types of white discharge

Creamy white milky discharge

This is normal and many women notice a thick stretchy white discharge during ovulation. In some cases, this type of discharge can be a sign of early pregnancy. This discharge can be odorless or with mild odor.

Thick white discharge

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes in a woman; one of these is the vaginal discharge. A thick discharge is important as it helps to keep the cervix sealed. A woman is likely to experience copious amounts of this discharge during the first and third trimesters.

This type of discharge can also be experienced before and after menstruation. Before ovulation, the body prepares itself for implantation of the ovum thus the thick white discharge to seal and protect the cervix.

Thick white clumpy discharge

This type of discharge is a sign of an infection especially if the discharge resembles cottage cheese in texture. If this discharge is accompanied by an odor, it is important to see your doctor.

White discharge is therefore normal in a woman’s cycle. It is however important to check the type of discharge; is it thick, thin, stretchy, creamy or clumpy. All these tell a woman what is happening in her body and the state of her health.