The success story of Herbert Hernandez and his talent in an advertising agency

Herbert Hernandez considers himself a lucky charm, as he is blessed with multiple skills and a loving family. He is also blessed with a great business mind in his industry who assists him in personal and professional decisions when he is confused.

Family is always more important to him, a most successful businessmen won’t care for their family until they get to succeed. Unlike them, Herbert Hernandez always provides importance to his family. He says achieving in music and advertising is impossible without support from his family and surroundings. He begins playing guitar in elementary school. Herbert’s older brother Darwin helped him learn guitar in school; he started his first band Moonstar88 during his college years, and later he found another band named 6cyclemind.

He completed his master’s in arts in advertising. After his Master’s he starts working as an advertising agent and switched several agencies. Later in 2017, he built an independent advertising agency in the Philippines with his partner using his knowledge of the advertising agency. His work has gained many awards in the advertising industry.

popular musician

Within the 2 years of the advertising agency, the marketing gets effective in APAC Effie’s. Then GIGIL becomes one of the top 10 advertising agencies in Asia and the independent agency of the year. Now, GIGIL is one of the most popular and effective agencies in the Philippines. Staff is hired based on the skills they have according to the increase in client ratio. They have many viral commercials that have not won any awards. But the agency got a remarkable cultural icon among people.

GIGIL advertising agency only works with clients with good projects. There is no surprise how it becomes popular. Herbert and Abesamis have combined their decades of advertising experience in the agency to build it as the world’s best advertising agency. Herbert implemented all the strategies that he learned from his agency career in GIGIL for its development.