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LAN-The Intra office messenger

LAN messenger is an intra-office messenger that is quite user friendly, safe, useful and secure to use. This messenger is available for use on windows, Mac and Linux; it is a free instant messenger which is used for instant communication in offices and companies. Use of the LAN messenger eliminates the need for setting up a separate server and internet connection for communication. So this messenger requires no server, which makes it even more reliable to use and send messages.

Features of the LAN messenger

Need for the LAN messenger

Using the LAN messenger for intra-office communication is the need of the hour today, as transferring of files and data is common in medium sized companies. The cost of using this messenger is also less, moreover only those in the office have access to this messenger so there is no scope of spam. In case one has to send a message to everyone in the office then it can be done by sending a broadcast message.

Features of the LAN messenger

  • It allows instant messaging to chat and connect with the people in the same network.
  • It is secure as all the messages are encrypted.
  • One can send broadcast messages to all the users.
  • File transfer takes place easily through LAN.
  • It has an option of organising contacts for easier management and communication.
  • The messages sent in the past are saved and they can be retrieved any time.
  • This messenger is serverless; which means that there is no need of setting up a separate server.
  • No internet connection is required for this, which means it is safe from any external threat.
  • It has a multilingual interface.
  • This messenger is cross platform and can be used on MAC, windows and linux.
  • Users can send graphic smiles as well as images that are embedded.
  • There are automatic updates so no need of updating it manually.

LAN messenger is definitely a great platform for communication among the people of the same company or office, it is safer and quite secure than the normal messengers that work with an internet connection.