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What Are The Best Plumbers Tools?

A plumber uses a variety of tools to fix pipes. It can either for a water connection or for faxing bathroom pipelines. Tools used by plumbers include basin spanner, pipe freezer spray, SDS drill, jigsaw, inspection camera, and many others. A plumber must have a proper tool bag to keep all these tools in an organized way. If you want to buy the best tool bag after reading the reviews, head over to ToolsDuty. This is the list of best tools to be used by plumbers.

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  • Adjustable Spanner: It is one of the most useful tools for a plumber. Adjustable spanners are used to turn bolts and nuts and it can also fasten them. It can easily be adjusted and you set it according to your preference. There are many sizes of these spanners available and is a must-have for any plumber.
  • Pipe Cutters: Pipe cutters can cut any pipe with ease. They are easy to use, quick to perform, and is far better than a hacksaw. There are many kinds of pipe cutters available like single hand pipe cutter, pipe slice, and an automatic pipe cutter.
  • Adjustable Tube Cutter: An adjustable tube cutter can cut tubes and pipes of up to 35 mm thick. It delivers a clean cut and can also cut a copper pipe. It also has a built-in deburrer so that you can clean up the cutting.
  • Adjustable Pipe Wrench: This is the life-line of any plumber’s work. It can turn pipes and can also fix or tighten the joints. It has a toothed jaw which makes it perfect to dig into the workplace. You can adjust the wrench to get the first grip.
  • Blowlamp: In order to fix copper pipes, a blowlamp comes as an essential tool. It produces a flame with high temperature and works on gas. It gives strong joints that do not lead to leakage. So if you are looking for water-tight seals, then always use a blowlamp.
  • Plunger: A plunger is very simple to use and is the best friend of a plumber. They are inexpensive and is used for unblocking toilet, drain, or sink. A simple tool that works without electricity.
  • Long Nosed Pliers: It is not only just used for cutting but also for holding. It gives excellent control and reaches in some of the places where fingers cannot get in. Long-nosed pliers are used for repositioning wire, cutting, bending, twisting, and stripping.
  • Water Pump Pliers: They have various names like Slip Joint Pliers and Groove Joint Pliers. It can easily be adjusted and is ideal for holding. These pliers provide astrong grip and can also be used for other works. They have a pivot point with toothed jaws.

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