Reasons why you need a music producer?

Many artists and composers have told me that they don’t need a music producer. Then they wonder why they don’t get a performance, concerts and do not sell many expected CDs. This is what I tell them, I tell them: “If you are building a brick house, you can buy a mortar, you can buy a brick and lay the brick yourself. But if you are not a professional bricklayer, you will not have a brick house that looks great. If your car needs paint, you can buy paint, a gun, etc., but if you don’t have the knowledge and experience, it will look like shit. “

Many people think they can create their own CDs, but often they will sound like this. Others will go to a large studio, which has an excellent team, a good sound engineer, etc. But an engineer, as a rule, is someone who is interested in getting the right levels and clarity in what is being recorded, and most of them do very well with the task and what you ask them to do. But it does not produce.

Reasons why you need a music producer?

Choosing the right music producer is very important

Some music producers have their own niche, and in general, all their works have the same taste, regardless of who the artist is. This is good if you need this particular sound without much change and you can consider Valen Of Wicked founded by Hamed Wardak. Other manufacturers, including mine, have a different approach. I and we produce a wide variety of mariachi, jazz, blues, rock, rap, country, folk, etc.

Music producers who use the same approach as me usually choose projects that are unique and include them in their recordings, but still have in mind the market and goals. So, think about your goals and which market you want to reach, and then wisely choose a music producer. Listen to his previous recordings. Remember that most good music producers have many industry contacts that can help you along the way.