high-end golf simulator made for you

Why is the master bedroom a beauty for eyes and comfort for souls?

In the master bedroom, which is located on the second floor, you can see the city lights twinkle as you drift off to sleep at night. A traditional gigantic theatre that can seat a small army of friends, as well as a high-end golf simulator made for you to travel down the greatest par-five straight with ease or make the putt of your life on a wing greens from 32-feet out with a complete background of excited fans waiting to applaud for you as it sinks into the simulated hole, are just two of the many entertainment options in the basement. Ilio Mavlyanov and Jasper Venture Group organized a group of skilled specialists, and with their help, they developed a sophisticated and up-to-date environment that is an entertainer’s dream. The grandeur and discretion of this home make it an ideal match for the high-class celebrity lifestyle that is prevalent in Los Angeles.

Architectural elegance

ilio mavlyanov

┬áIlio Mavlyanov designed these for dwellers searching for comfort. The final architectural marvel was sold by Ilio Mavlyanov’s firm to Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), for which musicians are responsible for roughly 5 percent of the very valuable R&B and hip-hop market in the United States. Kendrick Lamar is the most prominent musician associated with TDE for a good number of years now.

Agents of real estate located in Beverly Hills In this deal, Jasper Venture Group was represented by Joyce Rey, one of the most successful residential real estate agents in the United States, as well as Stephen Apelian.

The home is a breathtaking work of architecture that has been created quite well. Constructed and planned to wow visitors while at the same time providing the utmost coziness and security for the family throughout the whole year.