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A Look Into The Usage Of Electronic Cigarette Canada

What is an electronic cigarette?

It is a device that replicates a cigarette but with a battery in it. This battery can be recharged, and the smoker can use this electronic cigarette just like the way a person uses the normal cigarette. The electronic cigarette is more dangerous than the normal one because many chemicals are added to the device to generate smoke. This smoke damages the lungs at a higher rate and can cause lung cancer in future. The electronic cigarette canada is very common because people living there are very modern and are influenced by the people around them. One main reason people, including youngsters, electronic smoke cigarettes is because smoking an electronic cigarette is not illegal in several parts of the world. People think that it is easier to use when compared to the normal cigarette, but they are unaware of the effects that it is leaving on their entire body.

electronic cigarette canada

Impacts of electronic cigarettes

  1. They weaken the functioning of the human heart.
  2. Electronic cigarettes pollute the environment because they generate more smoke.
  3. There is a wastage of electricity while charging these devices for longer durations of time.
  4. The smoke let out by these devices is detrimental to the eyes and brain as well.

Solutions to reduce the usage of electronic cigarettes 

The ill-effects of electronic cigarette canada are plenty in number. It can go on and on, and the list will never end. Here are some solutions to reduce the usage of e-cigarettes:

  1. Educate people about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes.
  2. Ban the manufacturing companies.
  3. Impose a fine on those who are found using electronic cigarettes.
  4. Young children below the age of eighteen should not get access to these devices.
  5. Create educational quotes and spread promotional videos on social media.
  6. Protest the usage and manufacture of electronic cigarettes.

We have looked into the possible ways to reduce the usage of electronic cigarettes because of their harmful effects. Many people have also died recently because of the usage of e-cigarettes. Since it is not healthy, strict action should be taken by the government and higher officials who can moderate the situation amongst the citizens and make sure that there is a change that can be brought in our society.