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How does a fake pee (synthetic urine) guarantee you of passing a drug test? Find out here

When it comes to its effectiveness, a lot of people secretly testified that synthetic urine made them pass a drug test easily, and apparently, it has become a very popular thing for many people nowadays.

Synthetic urine or fake pee products can be bought online and even at cannabis shops which continues to stump testing laboratories around the world, which is why it would be very interesting to discuss synthetic urine and relevant topics about it in this post.

To start off, you might be confused about what actually synthetic urine is? Synthetic urine is used to replace your urine during a drug test and pass the test. This is designed to manipulate the results of the drug test especially for someone who constantly use marijuana. Also known as laboratory urine, synthetic urine is very effective in mimicking the chemical and visual properties of real human urine to pass urinalysis which is commonly used for drug testing.

Before you decide to use fake pee for your upcoming drug test, this method is actually a complicated solution when it comes to a surprise drug test, because its success surely takes a lot of effort and a simple mistake can put your entire plan at risk, even your job or your application. A lot of people uses fake pee by incorporating it with other tools to boost their chances and to avoid detection during drug testing. They use tools like fake bladders, tubes, and temperature strips to formulate a very identical similarity of what real human urine looks like.

laboratory urine

There are two forms of synthetic urine that you can choose from, a pre-mixed solution, and a dried powder. These solutions can be purchased at the majority of cannabis specialty shops and can be ordered online. However, most of the time, buying this product is always under the radar knowing that falsifying a test subject is illegal for the law.

 Both the powder and the solution have its own expiration dates, so it is best to replace any unused products that have been stored for a while, and it is also very important to read directions or instructions before you use it during an actual drug test because there are solutions that should not be used beyond its prescribed hours or the number of uses of it.

It is, in fact, a very reliable solution for people who badly want to pass a drug test which truly lived up precisely to what it is designed to do, and there are many people who successfully done it before, but you should be very careful using it because a lot is at stake on your side if you do a very simple mistake.

There are some valid arguments that routine drug testing is a violation of privacy and civil liberty, but still, it is equivalent to use fake pee during a drug test.

Before you decide to buy a fake pee, you should determine some few things to verify its quality. It should contain uric acid, urea, creatinine, a normal pH level, and an appropriate temperature likened to a real pee. If you want to learn more click on this link www.longbeachcomber.com.