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Opening up a beauty salon or a barbershop sounds relatively easy but in reality, it needs to have a lot of planning so that it can profit at the same time provide quality service to the customers walking in. The planning should include the location of the salon or barber shop, the types of services offered, rates and the types of barber stations that will be put up inside the facility.

types of barber stations

In this article, let me help learn the different types of barber stations or barber chair that can be used also for beauty salons so that you can visualize and plan which of these barber stations that you are planning to buy for your business.

There are different types and variations of a barber chairs which has its own unique features and functions so I will give you a list of the different types of barber stations to give you an overview.

  • Heavy Duty- This type of barber chair is commonly used in barber shops and beauty salons. This type of barber chair is quite heavy and bulky with all those cushioning materials used for its upholstery. It is also more expensive compared to other types but this type of barber chairs are proven to be durable and lasts longer than the other types which can accommodate large customers.
  • Electric- It is a type of a heavy duty barber chair which has an electrical control used for movement to adjust the customer’s position for the convenience of both the hair stylist and the customer. It can be turned 360-degrees, can be adjusted vertically and has its own electric plugs to plug in shaves and hair dryers. A lot of barber shops and hair salons use this type of barber chair because of its ability to angle the position of the customer giving the hair stylist a better vantage point.
  • Reclined- If you want to provide a comfortable experience for your customer, try a reclined barber chair which can be adjusted to different angles and can turn up to 360-degrees just like the electric barber chair mentioned above. Its main features are its ability to provide comfort to the customer by having a soft upholstery in its footrest, leg-rest and for the back, there is also a portion of it to rest the head as well.
  • Hydraulic- It is described to be very convenient in repositioning the customer into different angles by the hair stylist. All the barber or hair stylist has to do is to step on a pedal below the chair to adjust the height of the chair depending on their preferred height to give them comfort and maneuverability.
  • Swivel- This chair can be turned 360-degrees and is made from a steel frame and is considered to be the most expensive among the list. It also has the same features of the barber chairs mentioned above to provide motion, comfort, and safety for both the customer and the hair stylist.