There is so much data being pumped into the brains of normal people, that even useful education can become a torture. To prevent learning from becoming a form of punishment, a new branch of education has developed which is being called “Edutainment”. This is primarily a form of entertainment which is also meant to educate. IMPROV driving courses are sourced from straight comedy, and make even advanced driving lessons palatable. IMPROV drivers Ed has already proved its worth internationally, and is the New Age learning technique while still retaining the fun aspect.

The Speciality

The Technique was developed in collaboration with the world renowned IMPROV Comedy Club over 30 years ago. The simple notion was that learning one of the most advanced and sophisticated defensive driving courses in the world need not be dry and boring. To achieve this end, a formidable team of experts was gathered, and together, they created a unique style of learning.


Some Features

Some of the salient Features of the IMPROV drivers Ed are:

  • In line with California’s DMV regulations, candidates may take the course of California driver’s education online. It does not require the physical presence of the candidate in the classroom.
  • In fact, it is much more cost-effective (and pleasant) to take the course online.
  • It is also far quicker online.
  • No final exam is required to complete the course.
  • There are also no long quizzes in this course.
  • There is just a 3-question quiz at the end of each chapter for review purposes only.
  • The course has been designed to take only 30 hours online to complete.
  • However, the actual time taken will depend on the rate of coverage, absorption and retention of the course matter by each individual student.
  • Thus, the IMPROV driving course is made to suit each student.