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Advantages of Custom Software Development

The confusion between choosing an off- the shelf product vs developing a new custom software is never-ending. While off-the-shelf products are easy to get your hands on, the custom software has all the things that you need. This is why most of the good businesses prefer to develop their own custom software so that they could run it the way they want it to. However, developing software requires time, effort, manpower, and money, which is why many businesses tend to go towards the off-the-shelf products that are already existing and ready to use.

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If you’re one of them, here are some of the benefits of custom software development that might make you think otherwise:

Tailor-made for your needs

Most of the custom software is developed using the latest technologies so that it could cater all your needs. Also, the systems that are developed are based on your requirements and are tailor-made for your business. If you face any difficulty or discontent with these custom software, it can be easily improved and updates since its custom and you have all the codes. For developing your custom software you can take the help of a good firm like the Velvetech custom software development firm that could cater your needs.

Minimal cost

When it comes to the cost of building a custom software for your needs it can sometime exceed the amount with which you can purchase a readymade project, and sometimes it may not. This is why most people are in dilemma of whether they build a custom software or buy a readymade one. While it’s true that sometimes you might need to dish out more money, investing in a custom software has many long-term benefits. You can update them with the latest technologies, which cannot be done in case of the readymade software. This saves a lot of your money.


When you have a custom-made software running on your systems, the maintenance for it becomes very easy when compared to the readymade software. You will have the access to all the codes and technologies present in the custom software and you can tweak it anytime you want. This is a great flexibility that you get with custom software.

Platform integration

Custom software can be developed in a way that it can be integrated with other platforms as well. There are businesses that need numerous software programs to run on a single platform and you can develop a custom software that supports the platform. In the case of readymade software it can’t be done since they are not designed to integrate, they only run on a single platform.


Hiring companies, like Velvetech custom software development for developing your custom software, ensures that you have the best support for the software when needed. Since you have a custom software, you might full access to a technical support team that might help you with any problem that you face with the software. This is one compelling reason to consider using custom-made software.