Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

For the past few months, I’ve been forcing my mind to think about conspiracy theories every day. It’s amazing how many almost insane conspiracy theories one person can come up with if you let your mind think about it. Most of the time, I am completely skeptical of this kind of conspiracy, but I also understand that Occam’s razor does not work in all situations. Also, we know from human history that there have been conspiracies in the past, which makes them much more real or fun to fake.

However, I have noticed that there are certain things about conspiracy theories that are somewhat universal. And it also seems to me that it is possible to trade stories using perhaps AI software using less complex algorithmic formulas. That is, one could design a machine that generates an AI-powered computational conspiracy theory, one that creates fictional stories, takes news and real-world events, and weaves those events and people into potential secondary events that can be plausibly denied.

What could it be used for? Well, it can certainly be used in politics, intelligence services, the military, or just for fun science fiction stories or even Hollywood movies. It seems to me that there is a formula for all this, and I think I figured it out. That is, there are so many types of stories that fall into these categories: aliens, New World Order, corporate espionage, ghosts, financial terrorism, and evil villains.

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There is also a limited number of genres, industries, religions, political groups, foreign countries and types of financial exchanges, currently known as; gold, human trafficking, food, weapons, oil, currency and drugs. Yes, I think it is possible to create an algorithm and associate and reproduce various characters, groups and motivations with almost any news event. Some of the conspiracy theories generated by the Clinc artificial intelligence conspiracy theory generator or “AICTCG-1” (yes it exists) may not be stories worth telling, but I would tell you quite a few.

Questioning the minds of people, be it a small group or a large group, can usually cause a tendency to mistrust among the wider group, a general collective paranoia. It would have value for a number of reasons, as well as entertainment value, as in science fiction, thrillers, spy, detective, or documentary novels. In fact, I hope that you please consider all of this and think.

How Do I Understand My Coin Value?

Values are dynamic and can move as quickly as silver or gold spot prices. Therefore, it is always best when coin collectors are aware of the approximate value of their coins in case of any change in the market. The coin values depend on a couple of factors such as the condition of the coin, how rare the coin is, what precious metals the coin is made of, and so on.

Due to the aforementioned factors, just because one coin has a limited mintage than others does not determine the value of the coin will be greater than those with none or less.

Some types of Coin

  • Barber Dimes : These are very common amongst collectors, however, they are very valuable when sold as a set rather than individually because it portrays sequential years from the same mint.
  • Bust Dimes : These are very different and quite opposite to Barber Dimes in the sense that no matter the various years, mint locations and even different conditions, yet they have high monetary worth no matter if they are sold as a set or individually unlike the Barber Dimes.

Coin values

  • Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins : Of all, this has remained the favourite among collectors and its demand still remains strong all over the world to this day and this factor also affects the price and value.

How to Find Value of Coins

  • Track down the coin’s origin and date.
  • Check out the coin to determine the condition it is in.
  • Inquire about coin values list online or value book to be aware of its worth.
  • Give an account for any special factors it might possess.

Furthermore, as a collector, it is natural to want to know the value of your coins to be it out of curiosity or investment reasons. No matter what your purpose for collecting might be, begin by discovering the type of coin you possess as well as its condition.

Do you want to sell your gold coins?

Do not hesitate to go to one of our offices. The estimate is without obligation and an appointment. Do you sell your coins? We pay you directly in cash. Or, if you prefer coin database , by bank transfer. (Large sums of cash will only be returned to you after consultation.)

coin databaseHow to estimate the price of your gold coins?

To buy a part at a good price is to buy it at its real value so as not to pay too much, and to be able to resell it with a view to making a capital gain. Many coins are not estimated at their fair value by individuals who know nothing about it or shopkeepers who have recycled in buying gold as they would have opened a shop for electronic cigarettes. It would be a disgrace to part with an infrequency that has not been detected as such. A gold coin can be considered rare for unsuspected reasons, which only a numismatic professional can detect: either because it was demonetized and overhauled en masse, like the 100 Francs Bazar; either because  coin database it is very difficult to have them in very good condition, like the 5 Francs Napoleon III, often very damaged due to its small size and its large circulation;

The criteria to look at

First, the numismatists decipher the coin, authenticate it, and define its degree of rarity. The better the currency, the higher its value. Six categories are used for this: B (Beautiful), TB (Very Beautiful), TTB (Very Very Beautiful), SUP (Superb), SPL (Splendid) and FDC (Fleur de Coin).

The importance of the rating

Several criteria make it possible to identify, grade, and finally estimate the value of a currency: its vintage, the workshop (the city where the currency was struck), the number of copies issued, but also its attractiveness.