Criminal justice

What is The Role of the Police Officer?

There are several different roles and responsibilities associated with a criminal justice police career. Those who choose this profession have a responsibility to ensure that citizens living in their community are protected on several different levels. TheĀ National Police Association expects police officers to protect the lives of those in their area and they must also protect the property of citizens.

In addition to this, they are responsible for maintaining order in their community and spend many hours of their careers working to prevent crimes that can happen. These professionals must have analytical skills, intense physical activity, and a high level of integrity.

Some of the more common roles and responsibilities of a police officer working in criminal justice are listed below:

National Police Association

  1. Law enforcement officials must be able to effectively enforce and increase knowledge of the laws at the federal, state, and local levels under the direct supervision of their supervisor and the agency they work for.
  1. Police officers working in the field of criminal justice must be able to effectively patrol the area for which they are responsible and ensure that properties in that area are safe and free from common crimes.
  1. By patrolling the area in which they work, police officers must be able to successfully detain people who commit acts that are illegal under federal, state, and local laws in their communities.
  1. Police officers working in the criminal justice field must reprimand, promptly arrest, subpoena and / or successfully arrest individuals involved in illegal activities.
  1. Criminal justice officers are required to conduct investigations at both the criminal and civil levels. This includes the ability to properly collect and store any evidence at and / or around the crime scene, analyze the evidence, and determine the exact details of the incident or accident that occurred.
  1. These professionals must successfully generate reports detailing incidents and accidents that occurred in their area. In addition to this, they must be prepared to defend their reports in court.
  1. Police officers must be well trained in handling the weapons they carry on duty. Examples of these weapons include weapons that use chemicals to suppress humans, weapons that use impact force as a means to subdue humans, and restraint controls. In addition to this, they must be able to successfully manage physical teams.

As you can see, there are many roles and responsibilities that are required of the police officer in the criminal justice field. If he is interested in keeping the peace, protecting people and their property, and serving his community, he can pursue a career in law enforcement.