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Types of Car Accident Compensations You Can Get

When you encounter a car accident, the first thing that would come to your mind would be the damage that has been caused. Whether your automobile has been damaged or you have had injuries, it raises the question of compensation. If you were not responsible for the accident and it has been the fault of the other person, you definitely deserve compensation. While it is later decided whether you are eligible for all of the below given compensations, you need to at least be aware of the kind of compensations that exist. Here’s a list of the kinds of damages that are compensated based on analysis.

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General damages

General damages are the subjective kind of damages. The compensation for these kinds of damages can vary. Following is the list of kinds of general damages that you might get compensated for-

  1. Emotional distress

Emotional distress refers to the kind of psychological damage you incur as a result of the accident. Many people undergo a trauma followed by the accident. You may experience anxiety, sleep related problems, depression, etc. as a result of the accident.

  1. Pain

You might experience physical pain and suffering as a result of the accident, which might last quite long. Physical pain refers to soft tissue damage, organ damage and fractures, and bone dislocation.

  1. Incapacitation

Many a times, people lose the ability to function normally as they would before the accident. It can be a limited movement of the body, limited marital relations, not being able to perform the daily chores, etc. which might need compensation.

Specific damages

Specific damage is the kind of damages for which you get a specific amount of money compensated. Following are the specific damages that you can get a compensation for-

  1. Medical treatment

When you encounter a car accident, you might have some injuries. The cost of medical treatment, therapies, tests, etc. comes under the compensation in terms of medical treatment.

  1. Lost wages

A road accident might limit you to bed rest for a number of days. As a result, you are forced to miss work. However, compensation of lost wages means you’d get the amount of money and the bonus compensated.

  1. Loss of the capacity to earn

If your ability to work like you normally would is affected, you can get a compensation for your loss of working potential.

  1. Loss of property

This compensation includes the costs of repair of your car, towing costs, and rental expenses.

While these are the common kinds of compensations you can get, you still need the help of a car accident lawyer. A lawyer would be able to help you understand the regulations. You also need to follow a proper procedure when you sue someone for compensation. Besides this, you also need to deal with your insurance company to get the fair share of compensation. Insurance companies would try hard to find your fault and reduce the compensation amount. However, a car accident lawyer can help you get the right amount of compensation by approaching the matter in a legal manner.