Want to know about the professional career of Richelieu Dennis

When he was growing up, his country Liberia was occurrence the national turbulence that shoot up into the war and his mother would move to Dennis and her sister back and forth between to the neighboring Sierra Leone. After he obtained a scholarship to the Babson College, his mother sent him Shea butter from her home for his personal use. In due course, the Richelieu Dennis started selling Shea butter to his classmates and that is how; he got an idea of becoming an entrepreneur developed. After that, he started to sell a lot of products to meet his needs. Within a short time, his products obtained many consumers and also he started obtaining several orders.

Once he started the Sundial Brands, it became more famous among color women and with that time, their customer base has grown massively. He also had local shops and wholesale beauty shops in the market.

Due to its high demand, he moved to a bigger warehouse in the year of 1992 and by early 2000s, his products have been completely accepted in the market and hence, assuring their extension in a higher way. In the year of 2017, the Sundial was given to Unilever Company. It takes many years to come into the decision of selling a company.

Richelieu Dennis awards

Even though, he has not won many awards, but he has won millions of women hearts of color who adore and love his products over the past years. For his involvement in a beauty industry, he might win tributes in the future. As of now, the Richelieu Dennis has a net worth of around $400 million. He also made most of his from selling of his company products. Also, he is a CEO of the company Unilever and this adds to his net value.