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The Most Influential People In The Marc Roberts Miami Industry

Marc Roberts Miami is a high-end residential construction company specializing in building luxury homes. When one has to have only the most exquisite, one turns to Marc Roberts Miami. The results speak for themselves, with our signature look being a key factor in their return on investment.

The biggest private, mixed-use project in US history

It is the biggest private, mixed-use project in US history. It is bigger even than Canary Wharf, the completion of which in 1991 marked the symbolic end of London’s Docklands as an area of dereliction and transformed it into a prime business district. The scope of the Miami project dwarfs that of Canary Wharf because it involves not only a new financial district but also 2,000 acres of the new city on Biscayne Bay, including shops, houses, and offices. It will be built around a new Metro mover line from downtown Miami to the airport and on to Dade land Mall.

The Metro mover will carry about 100,000 passengers a day through the district at street level. About 3 million square feet of office space will be built around it. Some 25 million square feet will be built by 2005, including 2 million square feet of retail space. The rest will be residential.

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Brings new jobs, entertainment, and commercial

Marc Roberts Miami is a Miami entrepreneur whose many businesses helped drive the city’s development in the 1980s and 90s. He is best known as the founder of Radio Shack, which he built into an international brand. Miami is a major gateway city of the south-eastern United States. As of 2011, Miami was classified as an Alpha-world city. In 2010, Miami ranked seventh in the United States in finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, nightlife, arts, and luxury shopping. It ranked 33rd globally out of 289 cities for innovation and entrepreneurship and 14th in the United States.

Marc Roberts, the developer behind such projects as Panorama Tower and Panorama Plaza in Miami Beach, has purchased another site for a waterfront high-rise.The new project, called 4000 Ocean Drive, will include a luxury hotel and retail space in addition to residential units. The 63,000square-foot parcel sits at the base of the historic Surfside Bridge on Ocean Drive, just south of Collins Avenue. Roberts said he’d negotiated an acquisition contract with the landowner and that their company already has plans in place for the site. He said he is also working with local architects to develop a design.