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Get tilt switches from Select Control to save you from further expenses

Everybody is scared of electric currents because these currents have the ability to take one’s life.In our day to day life, we experience such kinds of currents by using switches even though the companies promised that they won’t pass excessive electric currents. Therefore, we all want switches which are not only safe but those must go with the decorations of our home. It is quite difficult to search for these kinds of switches but now you do not have to spend a lot of time in searching these switches because we have found one for you. They are called tilt switches from Select Control.

tilt switches

More about tilt switches:

It is a type of electrical switch or mercury switch in which the circuit gets open and close when a little quantity of liquid metal called mercury connects the metal electrodes in order to close the circuit. These switches help in transferring the change of state to other devices.  These switches are operated by a signal which is generated from the tilt sensor for turning on and off and also for changing the orientation. All these functions are performed by generating non-natural horizon and also by measurement of angular tilt.

How it is made?

The tilt switches from Select Control are made up of non-conductive pipe or tube which consists of two contacts of electrical nature and also a material that plays the role of a conductor among the electrical contracts.

Earlier, mercury was used to activate the tilt switch but the use of this metal has declined over the years because of its toxicity. Nowadays, some other metals are used for activating the switches and they are:

  • electric current
  • Metal balls

Types of tilt switches:

The tilt switches from Select Control comes in varieties. It consists of following types:

  • Mercury Switches
  • Ball Switches
  • Balancing Force Switches
  • Solid state tilt Switches
  • Electrolytic Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Capacitive Sensors

Factors to be considered while purchasing tilt switches:

There are some factors which should be kept in mind while going for purchasing tilt switches from Select Control. These factors are mentioned further:

Angle range of tilt:

It is the series of required linear output, the measurement of which is done in degrees.

Total number or amount of axis:

This factor is used to find out the path or direction of these switches.


The frequency which is used for the purpose of measuring the changes occurring in acceleration is known as bandwidth.

The range of frequency and accuracy:

Thisshould also be considered because they show the frequencies range.

Applications of tilt switches:

These switches are mainly used in following:

  • Security systems of automobile
  • Video Cameras
  • Equipments related to construction.
  • Robots
  • Normal Cameras
  • Controllers of video games etc.

These switches are accessible in changing commencement levels, weights, contact ratings, tilt angles and various sensitivities like planar motions, tip over and unidirectional.