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Modern design with stylish look for your shop

New stylists, kids, and at-home barbers alike absolutely love this Wall Mount Barber Station because it’s affordable, easy to use, and, still stylish with its modern design. LCL has a great reputation for producing reliable, stylish, and, affordable barber shop and salon accessories and furniture. Customers describe the LCL Beauty Locking Wall Mount Styling Station as being easy to install, stylish, and, that the French cleat was a nice addition to make the mounting process easier. Customers were also very pleased with this barber station because the manufacturer was described as being responsive, intuitive, and, involved with the sale process in ensuring customer satisfaction. The barber station is perfect for any salon, barber shop, or, even as an addition to your bathroom to offer more space or organization for your hair care products.

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Wired electric tools:

The barber station is perfect for salon use because it’s compact, has 4 power ports on the bottom to keep your electric tools wired and, safely out of the customers reach. Overall, this barber station is made of great quality and is a good value for the price paid. There are many types of barbershop chairs for sale on the market, and this includes both modern and old fashion barber chairs. Adding a more modern or old fashion barber chair to your business can make all the difference in impression, and overall likelihood of getting repeat customers. One customer did complain that the unit sags in the front, and, that installing two additional legs for support were necessary though it as optional.


Finally, at an affordable price, these barber stations are built durable enough to last a long time, and, remain budget-friendly enough to buy more than one for your shop if necessary. An overall good rating is provided for the barber stations which are most effective and affordable. The locking wood Black Salon Trolley Cart is a very ergonomic, cost-effective solution to anyone that has a mobile salon business, or, for those looking to expand their current equipment and furniture at home or in the shop.