antimicrobial properties

What Are Dewel Pro Ingredients?

Dewel Pro uses all the natural ingredients, which makes the products safe and reliable. The list of DEWELPRO is very short. Let’s see what the ingredients used are:

  •     Lemon eucalyptus 

The lemon eucalyptus oil has insect repellent and antimicrobial properties. The eucalyptus is known to be very effective against ticks and is hence used to make collars.

  •     Citronella oil 

Citronella oil is mainly used in the form of mosquito repellant and is also used in the cosmetic industry due to its fragrance. In the collar, it is used to keep suppress the unwanted odor.

  •     Cedarwood

Cedarwoods has several benefits; it is used for repelling insects, reducing stress, deodorizer, improves concentration, ease tension, and more. In the collar, it is used for increasing blood circulation and healing inflammation.

  •     Lavender

Lavender is popular because of its use in aromatherapy. The oil is used for treating anxiety, allergies, depression, infections, and so much. In the collar, it is used for fast healing and relaxation.

Dewel Pro ingredients natural

All of these ingredients make one of the best collars for repelling fleas and ticks effectively and safely. These collars make your baby smell good and also help them relax and repair. One question that might be popping in your head, why are all the natural ingredients used? Is there some story behind it? Well, here’s the answer to your question.

Why are all the Dewel Pro ingredients natural? 

Almost every product that we can see in the market comprises chemicals; these toxic chemicals affect our health adversely and even causes discomfort. These chemicals not only harm the consumers but also affect nature.

Dewel Pro has not overlooked this problem and has taken action to solve this problem effectively. This is the only reason why all the ingredients used are natural. These products don’t harm anyone and are completely eco-friendly. And that’s what makes Dewel Pro unique.

Is there no chance of allergies and infections? 

A total of 100% can’t be achieved anywhere. It’s quite impossible. But because of the use of organic oils, there are very few chances, or we can say almost negligible chance, of any infection or distress to your furry baby. You don’t have to worry much.

Along with being natural, the products at Dewel Pro are cost-effective too. So you got an affordable and zero-side effects collar for your baby, and we are quite sure they are going to love it.