To avoid all the security issues that might pop up as a consequence of selling the flats, The Rivercove Residences Project has adopted the EC conditions of purchase. The Rivercove Residences, being such a big project cannot afford to take up any kind of inconvenience. If you are planning to apply for an EC, then here are few schemes that you have to follow and apply accordingly:

CPF Housing Grant


Under the public scheme, you will have to be one of these families:

  • If you are married, then you will have to have a spouse and children (this is optional).
  • If you are not married, then you will have to have parents and siblings (not compulsory).
  • For widows or divorces applicants, children should be under your care or custody legally.

You should see to it that you are strictly following these conditions and you are not mixing up any of these conditions. If the rule says parents and sibling, it should be that way and you should mix it up with spouse and sibling. It is a must that you take great care when you are applying.


There is a chance for you to apply for EC with your spouse to be. In any case, if you are doing so, here are the conditions that you have to stick to:

  • If you are applying for a CPF House Grant, that you will have to submit a marriage certificate copy before taking the EC.
  • If you have not applied for CPF House Grant, that you will have to submit a marriage Certificate copy within 3 months.

However, there are some special conditions in this particular field. These are as follows:

In any case, if your Fiancé or Fiancée is below the age of 21 years but above the age of 18 years, then consent for his/ her parents needs to be taken and a copy of the same must be submitted during the selection process.

If your Fiancé or Fiancée is below the age of 18 years, then you must see to it that you submit a marriage License that is obtained from the respective Ministry at the time of EC approval or selection.

The applications should be strictly according to the above stated rules and no amendments should be made.


To apply under this scheme, it is required that you and your siblings applying under this scheme be single (unmarried, divorced, widow)

  1. All the siblings should be singe.
  2. At least one of the parents is supposed to be a Citizen of Singapore.
  3. The sibling should not rent or purchase property individually.

Under this scheme, a total of only 4 singles (including you ) can apply and the conditions are as follows:

All the singles should be of the age 35 and above.

At least one of the singles should be a citizen of Singapore or should own a permanent residence in Singapore.

All about accident attorneys

Even though the accidents are unexpected incidents, the consequences are to be faced by the people in both the sides. In many cases, the people get severely affected because of the carelessness of the opponent. Whatever the reason is in case, if a person is responsible for the accident they are also responsible for the consequences. That is they must help the victims in all the means to come out the consequences of the mistake caused by them. In case, if they deny taking this responsibility, the victim can approach the accident attorneys in the law firm. The attorneys will fight legally in order to help the victims to receive the proper compensation from the opponent.

Insurance claims

Insurance claims

The accident attorneys will not only help in attaining the compensation from the opponent. But they can also help in getting the best claim from the insurance companies. In some cases, the insurance company may deny to approve the insurance amount. In such case, the attorneys will help in getting the right insurance claim by moving the legal procedures. Thus, one can get better financial help at right time by making use of these attorneys in the market.

Legal compensation

As mentioned above, accidents may also occur because of the mistake done by others. In such case, the accident attorneys can be approached in order to claim compensation from the opponent. The most important reason to hire these attorneys is they will help in getting a better claim through which the victims can easily overcome the loss experienced by them. In case, if a person has lost his life in the accident, the attorney will help in getting a better compensation for their family; so that they can secure their future and can lead a better life. Apart from these, the accident attorneys can help in overcoming several other disasters.

Search online

People, who need to hire the best auto accident attorney in their region, can make use of the online law firms. More numbers of attorneys who are specialized in many different fields will be engaged in this online platform. The victims can prefer to choose the one who can handle their case at the best. In order to choose the best attorneys, the reviews mentioned in their website should be read. The attorney who tends to have more years of experiences can handle this type of cases at the best. Hence one can give preference to the attorney who has more experience in their career. In case, if the hirers tend to have any other doubts regarding their service or the claim, they can get a better answer through their online consultation service. It is to be noted that this online consultation will be done for free.

Why Invest in Condominium Residences

Planning to buy a house anytime soon? Would you want to get properties somewhere?

Interested to buy another personal asset like a condominium?

Owning a house or a unit condominium is a very good investment today. Considering that the prices of land and units tend to increase every year, the best time to invest in properties is now. Even if you don’t have that many savings and money, there are already a lot of payment schemes that varied residences provide to interested buyers.

If you are still thinking about whether to get one or not, here are some explanations why investing in condominiums are better now.

unit condominium

Reason 1: Land Cost.

A condominium is prevalent nowadays because of the rise of land cost. Buying a house and lot is no longer practical since its price significantly increase. Even more, every year it tends to increase. Professionals can no longer afford the cost of land. Which makes condominium a very practical idea instead. The cost is relatively less as this only takes air space instead of land. The unit price is also very cheap rather than buying a house and a lot. You can really see the significant difference in terms of the price of buying a condo unit and buying a house. This makes it a worthwhile investment for young professionals.

Reason 2: Less Maintenance.

One of the reasons why individuals are more of a condominium fan is because of its maintenance cost. This is relatively less than buying a house somewhere. For one, there is no lawn that you need to take care off. There are even residences that couples maintenance cost with the price of the condominium. If there are repairs necessary and needed immediate attention, you can always ask for the condominium in charge to have it fixed right away. This makes it all the more convenient rather than finding and hiring repairmen. You can always knock and ask assistance from the condominium office for concerns with the unit and more.

Reason 3: More Amenities.

 Condominium residences nowadays have a lot of amenities that can be enjoyed by their tenants. The amenities that they have are almost very similar to hotels in the city and around the globe. For instance, condominiums have pools that their residents can enjoy. They even have a dedicated parking space for them. Furthermore, other amenities include gym, restaurants, shopping centers and more. Their tenants don’t need to go far for quick grocery fixes. It is like having a mall below your house. Tenants can be able to enjoy the condo amenities for free. Even their family members and friends not residing in the unit can also be able to enjoy it.

These are just three of the many reasons why getting a condominium is far ideal than buying a house. Plus, you can be able to earn from this condo unit as you can rent this out to other via Airbnb. Hence, this makes it even a more worthwhile investment. If you are looking for a condo unit, the Rivercove residences would be a great choice if you want to own a unit in Singapore.

The 3 Things That Parents Should Know About Potty Training

Zindelijkheidstraining is basically toilet training, it’s done usually in between 18 months to 3 years of age, although it has been noted that boys are faster in this training versus girls. On all of the things that parents find challenging in the many growth and development training that kids go through, potty training is one of those and that’s pretty understandable, how hard can potty training be?

toilet training

Think about it this way, as babies, they don’t know how to control their urine or their poop from coming out. That is why in order for parents to avoid cleaning after soiled beddings every night, kids are provided with diapers. Kids are so used to have diapers around that peeing and pooping is a breeze and worry free for them, but they cant stay like that forever. As they grow and refine their muscle control functions including the muscles responsible for excreting urine and stools, it becomes apparent that the age of the diaper will be long gone.

Potty training challenges: What makes potty training a challenge is that it’s a messy thing, because the first thing that parents need to do aside from identifying that a kid is ready to do it, parents have to train their kids to get rid of the diaper that they relied for so many years upon. This is a very uncomfortable situation that if not properly executed will lead to disasters that all parents don’t want to talk about because it’s smelly and messy situation that as much as they hoped would turn out smoothly.

The references are not always accurate: There are a ton of books, online materials and not to mention your friends and family members telling you what to do when your kids will start their potty training. The problem is that most of these so-called “pro tips” are ideal that it never becomes very practical or handy in real life situations. Here’s the flaw, kids have different attitudes, activities throughout the process that even a very detailed potty training book can never get.

Seek experts advise: When it comes to preparation, to the actual potty training, you need to get your kid checked before you even start. Do it right by consulting experts, they may not prevent your bed sheets from getting urinated or soiled from time to time, but it can be minimized. And if you are trying to find a good expert, get one that is also a parent like yourselves so that the advice that they can provide are more realistic and accurate on what you should expect.

Potty training is one of the most challenging tasks in being a parent for the reason that it’s always a messy thing. Even having a very good teacher will still have flaws and leave you with messy sheets. Throwing the diapers for good is challenging but it has to be done one way or another, you don’t want your kids to still wear diapers after 5 years old, the kid will get bullied at school. If you need a good material or source for potty training, read, seek advice and check out

Why Reading Reviews Are Important In Buying A Good Tool Bag

Reviews are these things that experts do, reviews are basically an assessment or examination of the sort. It can be to help a company develop a product, in order to identify its flaws, in order for people to know the pros and cons about a certain product, to help them decide if they will buy it or not and so on. Reviews are important because it helps clear minds and opens some eyes to the things that they should consider or not consider.

For product reviews in tool bags, it’s about providing this information to a great number of people (consumers) to know the best tool bags that are on right not on the market that can address their needs for a good and reliable bag. The pros and cons of each bags and to help clear their mind on what bag they should purchase. The best reviews are from the reviews made by the people that are unbiased. It’s only these people that consumers get an honest black and white feedback.

tool bag company

Reviewers are subjective: While reviewers have your thoughts and preferences in mind, the reviewer bases their reviews based on their preferences. Some people will think differently and not like the other, while some do, but the fact is that these people are providing their honest opinions makes a review authentic and interesting. Reviews are subjective and the aim is the same regardless of their verdict, to give you an honest opinion and what they think of a product and when it comes to the best tool bags got that in lock.

Never settle for just one review: Tool bags may not be common to most people but there are a lot of people reviewing it. With a ton of great reviews being posted online, it would be an awful lot of shame if you wouldn’t try to visit a few and see what they have to say about the product, what they think of the product and the common things that they like and dislike about the product.

Research on the materials being made: Don’t just take a reviewer’s word for it, because some of these reviewers don’t even know a thing or two about the materials being used by certain tool bag company and they are already claiming that the material is substandard. Never take everything that a reviewer says is true because they can always be wrong. It pays to do your own research and that has always been the fact.

Buying a good tool bag is a challenge most of the time probably because there are a lot of bag brands and bags that are circulating in the market today. That is why it pays to check on reviews in order to erase some confusions and dilemmas. These reviews will do all the hard work of researching for you so that you don’t have to but don’t just take their word for it, after all, you are the buyer so you should also do some research yourself. It doesn’t mean that if a bag got a few downside that it’s not a good bag.

What Are The Best Plumbers Tools?

A plumber uses a variety of tools to fix pipes. It can either for a water connection or for faxing bathroom pipelines. Tools used by plumbers include basin spanner, pipe freezer spray, SDS drill, jigsaw, inspection camera, and many others. A plumber must have a proper tool bag to keep all these tools in an organized way. If you want to buy the best tool bag after reading the reviews, head over to ToolsDuty. This is the list of best tools to be used by plumbers.

good tool bag to store

  • Adjustable Spanner: It is one of the most useful tools for a plumber. Adjustable spanners are used to turn bolts and nuts and it can also fasten them. It can easily be adjusted and you set it according to your preference. There are many sizes of these spanners available and is a must-have for any plumber.
  • Pipe Cutters: Pipe cutters can cut any pipe with ease. They are easy to use, quick to perform, and is far better than a hacksaw. There are many kinds of pipe cutters available like single hand pipe cutter, pipe slice, and an automatic pipe cutter.
  • Adjustable Tube Cutter: An adjustable tube cutter can cut tubes and pipes of up to 35 mm thick. It delivers a clean cut and can also cut a copper pipe. It also has a built-in deburrer so that you can clean up the cutting.
  • Adjustable Pipe Wrench: This is the life-line of any plumber’s work. It can turn pipes and can also fix or tighten the joints. It has a toothed jaw which makes it perfect to dig into the workplace. You can adjust the wrench to get the first grip.
  • Blowlamp: In order to fix copper pipes, a blowlamp comes as an essential tool. It produces a flame with high temperature and works on gas. It gives strong joints that do not lead to leakage. So if you are looking for water-tight seals, then always use a blowlamp.
  • Plunger: A plunger is very simple to use and is the best friend of a plumber. They are inexpensive and is used for unblocking toilet, drain, or sink. A simple tool that works without electricity.
  • Long Nosed Pliers: It is not only just used for cutting but also for holding. It gives excellent control and reaches in some of the places where fingers cannot get in. Long-nosed pliers are used for repositioning wire, cutting, bending, twisting, and stripping.
  • Water Pump Pliers: They have various names like Slip Joint Pliers and Groove Joint Pliers. It can easily be adjusted and is ideal for holding. These pliers provide astrong grip and can also be used for other works. They have a pivot point with toothed jaws.

Once you complete buying these tools, you should buy a good tool bag to store and carry them. Visit ToolsDuty to find out the best tool bag to buy with detailed reviews. Best Paper Airplane Ever will be find here.

Boost Your Computer’s Performance! – Motherboard Maintenance Tips

Owning a computer needs time. It is not just about enjoying the specifications of the computer. But, it needs some good care in order to last long. Maybe you’re thinking that machines need no rest. Actually, any machine such as computer still needs a break some time. In fact, there are maintenance tips you must be aware of beforehand. In that way, you can expect everything to run smoothly as much as possible.

Motherboard Maintenance

If you’re a responsible owner, you must learn how to care your Motherboards first. Most people will make an excuse due to their busy schedules. In result, the health of the computer will gradually deteriorate. On which case, it is ideal to learn the basics of cleaning a motherboard. To start with, make sure you will not miss a single guide from the list below.

Tips for Motherboard Maintenance

  • Detach all removable cards

Before you begin the cleaning, make sure to remove all the connectors first. Take note, you will find it difficult to clean the tiny edges and areas if all the connected cards are still on. Be sure to put everything in a safe place as well.

  • Examine any busted capacitors

Sometimes, capacitors get busted, leaked and swell. Although it rarely happens, you still have to examine if any possess such sign. In case any signs occur, be sure to replace the capacitor immediately. To prevent damage to the entire motherboard, seek out help to replace the damaged capacitors.

  • Sweep off the dust

Once you’re settled, the next step is to brush off the dust on the motherboard. Be keen to the very corners and sweep it off. Also, try not to be harsh when brushing the specks of dust away. If you exert too much force, some parts may get detached from the motherboard. Thus, you must control your brush strokes but avoid missing a spot.

Maintenance is a must. Whatever gadget or machine that you own, it is important to spend time for the maintenance. Some people are taking it for granted. But in reality, the only time you’ll realize your mistakes is when the machine starts to fall off. Make sure that everything is working well. And, don’t forget to examine throughout each component that contributes to its entirety.

Considerations in Choosing the Right Motherboard for a High-End Processor

Learning the basics of computer setup is time-consuming. A lot of people are taking up courses related to computer studies. And, it makes them understand better on how a computer system works. Also, it gives them the information about the necessary items that need to be present in a computer setup. On the other hand, there are mediums that can help you understand how a computer works.

best motherboard for I5 8600K

In a computer setup, two of the most important aspects are the processor and the motherboard. Without the motherboard, there’d be no place for the processor to work. And, without the processor, the entire capabilities of a computer will not be put to use. On which case, it is ideal that you know how to choose the right combination for your computer. Now, if you’re looking for a guide to find the best motherboard for I5 8600K, make sure to read onward.

  • Check Socket Compatibility

Identify the socket compatibility of the processor into the motherboard. There are instances when you get enticed to buy a motherboard due to its form and specs. But, if it is below or above the socket requirement of your processor, it would still be useless. Take time to examine the socket if it matches both items on your hand.

  • Assess the Card Slots

How much is the capacity of your ideal storage? Will the motherboard be able to cater the size of your RAM? How many card extensions would you like to install on the motherboard? Be keen to the tiniest details of the motherboard. Be sure to have sufficient knowledge and tools to compare your options at hand. And, do not hesitate to ask help from others in case you’re torn between your options.

  • Read Customer Reviews

As soon as your best options are written on your note, take time to compare everything that you have. Sometimes, you need some clarification coming from the ones with experience. And, the internet is capable to help you out on that part. Spare time and invest it in information gathering online. Take note, you can visit as many forum sites and blog sites as you want. Thus, you must use your time wisely and decide only when you are certain. Avoid impulse buying and allow the opinions of other people be considered too.

Buying the right equipment for the best result is not easy. With plenty of options available, it seems hard for the buyers to pick only one. In case you’re having trouble with the selection, feel free to ask anyone in your circle who knows how to do it. And, allow some group pages online to walk you through in differentiating your options. In that manner, you will take future decisions in a less challenging way.

How to Buy Good Second Hand Cars

Buying used vehicles can be a huge task for many people. Due to lack of experience and knowledge, many people are threatening to provide their poor with money earned to obtain certain types of waste that will stop working a few months after the date of sale, or will continue to suffer failures in the future. Therefore, if you want to save money to do other things, or if you have a limited budget but you really need a transport vehicle, getting to buy best cars from used cars showroom, you should follow some tips to get a good price with a good second-hand car.

Good Second Hand Cars

You should look for secondary vehicles in many sources, including newspapers, magazines, televisions, the Internet. You can also visit a few local dealers to get a better picture of what they can offer.

You can view different used cars online and offline.

But you must also make a list of what you expect in your car. In this way, you know exactly what to look for and save a lot of hours looking elsewhere.

One thing you should be careful about when evaluating a used car is mileage. High mileage means that the rest of the car is near and you risk buying a car that will stop working soon after the date of sale.

You should ask for a road test. In fact, you should always ask for a test drive if you want to buy legitimate vehicles. During the test, you can test all the features of the car to see if there are any errors. Some important things to pay attention to is “How does the car work? “,” Very open “,” The car emits a lot of heat? “How much fuel has a car swallowed per mile? “. There are many other things you should be careful about when buying best cars from used cars showroom. If you do not know how to investigate a car, you can ask a friend to accompany you and seek his advice.

To ensure that you do not buy a car that has been involved in a serious accident, you should check the history of the car using services. You pay a small fee, but you have access to all the information about the car.

Once you have found your vehicle, the last step is to take it to a mechanic and examine it again to make sure you make the right decision.

You may want to consider the many financing options available. Everything in the paperwork can be handled by your car dealership, so you do not worry much.

Nash Auto, Best Quality Pre-Owned Cars for an Affordable Price

Nash Auto is a legit pre-owned cars distributor. Here, you can get high-quality used cars in Costa Mesa, California. Everyone needs a car these days. With how everything changes, even students need their own cars for two reasons; safety and convenience. However, getting a brand new car might fit in your budget.

Quality Pre-Owned Cars

Here at Nash Auto, you can get a good car for a reasonable price. You have a wide variety to choose from. Nash Auto is where you should go when looking for lowest prices on Toyota and Lexus is Costa Mesa.  If you are looking for a good car that is worth less than $10,000, you gotta check this out.

Toyota Corolla

If you are out of a budget, you can choose Corolla as you drive while saving for your dream car. For just $6, 850, you can bring home this 2007 model Toyota Corolla. It’s looking classy in its phantom gray pearl exterior and stone interior.  It can drive up to 32 city MPG and 41 hwy MPG. It has an engine of 1.8L 4 Cylinders with automatic transmission. It’s a common 4-door car with a front wheel drive. It has a horsepower of 126 hp @ 6000 rpm and torque at 122 lb-ft @ 4200 rpm.

Features and Specs.

The features make a car stand out from the others. Let’s see what this Toyota Corolla has to offer.

  • It has color-keyed door handles and power mirrors. It comes with a temporary spare tire and wheel covers.
  • The air condition is superb as well as the sound system. It’s got rear defrost and trunk lamp. For entertainment, Corolla has a built-in AM/FM stereo and CD player.
  • The steering is adjustable. It has engine immobilizer, power outlet and intermittent wipers.


When purchasing a car, safety is one of our priorities not only for ourselves but also for our passengers. Corolla has a 3-point rear ALR/ELR seatbelts. It has child protector rear door locks and child restraint system lower anchors and top tether anchors. Its special safety features are daytime running lights and emergency trunk release. Airbags are fully functional on the side and front.

Toyota Corolla is one of the top pre-owned cars of Nash Auto. Aside from the fact that it’s really affordable, it’s in good condition. You can fill up the papers, do a test drive and bring it home. Just drop by their shop to check out other brands.