The varied features of the real estate industry

shubhodeep prasanta das

The role of real estate is increasing every year. There are varied characteristics of the real estate market based on the varied features. shubhodeep prasanta das is one of the leading associations which has made great progress in the field of real estate.


There is mainly four categories of real estate which can be classified into the following group.

Residential- the single-based family or multifamily are the two main categories that come under the residential part of real estate. In this kind, the property is usually developed into the brand new one out of property which is several years. The home can be in vacation homes, co-ops, or condominiums.

Commercial: Businesses come under a kind of commercial-based real estate. It mainly includes properties where usually varied products can be sold like shopping centers, medical offices, and other kinds of buildings that generate income from the building.

Industrial-: this kind of property is mainly used for industrial development as well as for manufacturing like plants, factories, and warehouses. People mainly use this kind of building for research, storage, and production or even for distribution.

Land: here the land will be used for varied propose like for farms, and development of the land for varied reasons.

The way the industry of real estate works:

The industry mainly starts using raw land. The land entitlement as well as the developers will work with the concerned authority and construct assets. The seller of the land develops the property and operates till it is stabilized.

Usually, it is the asset managers who will help to fill any kind of property with tenants and make the asset cash keep flowing. Once the property gets stabilized it will be subjected to sale. Gradually an influx related to the capital gets rejuvenated or even repurpose property to create more of its value.

In most cases, the financiers, appraisers, brokers, and other related external forms of parties will help in the process of selling and buying properties.