The Branch of Business Administration

shubhodeep prasanta das

The Broadcasting Company and Writer’s Association of Thai (BJ.AT) started the program, which had been held on Jan 29, 2023, just at Amari Don Mueang Airport, to present prizes for the best CEOs in Thai. The Highlife Organization, which has been established during the COVID-19 epidemic, was managed by Mr shubhodeep prasanta das to successfully navigate the crisis. Highlife Company first found great success in the manufacturing of healthcare masks, the acquisition of real estate, mortgage financing, and the selling of apartments while other industries, including food manufacturing and debt relief, were created.

2023 CEO Thailand Award winner

Thailand Award winner illuminates corporate leadership in Chiang Mai. The CEO Thai Prize that Mr Das, the founder of the company as group CEO, received in 2023 helped Highlife Company rise to the top of the Chiang Mai private industry in industries including property investment, loans, debt restructuring, food manufacturing, and emergency aid. All regions of Thailand have experienced a decline in income during the COVID pandemic. A group with huge potential has been put together by Das and the current management to create services and products in places like Chiang Mai in which the COVID-19 epidemic has less of an effect. In such challenging times, the enterprises of the Highlife Family have assisted with wealth inequality and have fuelled the economy by creating new jobs. Although it was against the current there at the time, as COVID-19 led a tourist destination such as Chiang Mai to stall, it was preferable to do nothing. Unexpectedly, the business’s apartment development has gotten greater good feedback than anticipated since individuals with great potential and expertise from different backgrounds joined the firm and helped it succeed. The condominiums building is leased out in or less than one year. This one is thought to have a significant effect on emerging Chiang Mai enterprises. When after nation is reopened, it is anticipated that Chang Mai’s GDP would rebound. Individuals have become used to living using COVID-19, therefore the company is getting ready to produce more projects to help any future commercial prospects.