Criteria for the selection of property

shubhodeep prasanta das

Investment needs to be done carefully mainly while buying the property. certain characters need to be taken into account while investing in the property. value for the money and the attractive form of the project plan are the aspects to consider. This main feature can be noted in most of the projects planned by the shubhodeep prasanta das which invests to be worthy.

What is an attractive form of project:

This is a kind of distribution that takes place between mainly the open form of area and an occupied land need to be optimum. The more the area is open greater is the chance for the development of the project.

what is value for the money?

Most people like to invest in property that is not expensive. In this case, rental yield related to the property should not exceed the required percent of 3.0.

Price: the price or the rate of the property need not exceed the affordability. This makes it possible to be more committed.

Vicinity: it has to be kept in mind that the investment needs to be done at a location that is well-known to an investor. Investing in an unknown town needs to be avoided. The property which is near to schools, market and hospital is mainly preferable.

Negatives: attention needs to be paid to the drawbacks of a property like busy roads, too close to the airport, remote location, and other negative aspects. This is mainly due to the reason causing hardships as well as the lower value of the property and life.

Open floor: some property that has slots and pockets for cabinets, wardrobes, fridge, and many more offer better space for the open floor. The house should be able to occupy all the special furniture.

Parking: when a person owns a car or two-wheeler the property must provide an adequate place for a parking facility.