Day: February 18, 2023

The varied features of the real estate industry

The role of real estate is increasing every year. There are varied characteristics of the real estate market based on the varied features. shubhodeep prasanta das is one of the leading associations which has made great progress in the field of real estate.


There is mainly four categories of real estate which can be classified into the following group.

Residential- the single-based family or multifamily are the two main categories that come under the residential part of real estate. In this kind, the property is usually developed into the brand new one out of property which is several years. The home can be in vacation homes, co-ops, or condominiums.

Commercial: Businesses come under a kind of commercial-based real estate. It mainly includes properties where usually varied products can be sold like shopping centers, medical offices, and other kinds of buildings that generate income from the building.

Industrial-: this kind of property is mainly used for industrial development as well as for manufacturing like plants, factories, and warehouses. People mainly use this kind of building for research, storage, and production or even for distribution.

Land: here the land will be used for varied propose like for farms, and development of the land for varied reasons.

The way the industry of real estate works:

The industry mainly starts using raw land. The land entitlement as well as the developers will work with the concerned authority and construct assets. The seller of the land develops the property and operates till it is stabilized.

Usually, it is the asset managers who will help to fill any kind of property with tenants and make the asset cash keep flowing. Once the property gets stabilized it will be subjected to sale. Gradually an influx related to the capital gets rejuvenated or even repurpose property to create more of its value.

In most cases, the financiers, appraisers, brokers, and other related external forms of parties will help in the process of selling and buying properties.

Business Models Manufacturing, Services, Retailing, and Hybrid

Manufacture companies are the ones that create the goods and can either offer to the customer prior or through intermediaries to handle the transaction. Metal and plastics production plants are just a few examples of manufacturers. This kind of trade deals with selling consumers intangible goods. Service could be kept in storage or kept away from the supplier, in contrast to actual things. Service firms provide advice, knowledge, committee advertising, etc. Parlours, universities, and consultancies, and. are some instances. In retailing, a company purchases goods from a producer shubhodeep prasanta das, a distributor, or even other partnerships and then offers them to customers at a retail value. It is typically referred to as a buyers and sellers firm since they generate money by offering their goods for sale beyond their market cost. Businesses that are hybrids share the traits of any or more of the aforementioned company kinds. For instance, a restaurant creates its food (producing), sells products such as iced drinks produced by other companies (sales and marketing), and attends to the needs of the patrons (service).

The Forms of Business Ownership Sole Proprietorship

Based on variables including the variety of owners, their responsibility, visibility, and goals, there are numerous different types of company administration. Sole ownership is a company run and managed by one person. It is simple to enrol, administer, and established. The owner is accountable for all liabilities incurred and owns every one of the company’s earnings. The major flaw with this company is that the proprietor is liable indefinitely. If the company is not able to repay its creditors, the owner’s financial affairs may be at risk. Most often, partnerships form whenever a group of individuals come together to manage a firm. There are two kinds of partnerships: general and restricted ordinary business. A partnership business is similar to a single owner but has more than ownership and unrestricted responsibility for each member. Most of all participants may have restricted responsibility in limited companies.

 Hylife Group provides Food processing method

 It is the act of turning agricultural products into foodstuff or transforming one type of meal into the other. Food processing includes a broad range of meal preparation methods, from traditional cuisine to cutting-edge technical procedures used to manufacture prepared foods. To reduce food waste and improve the quality and safety of food, which reduces agriculture’s overall environmental effect and improves food and nutritional security, certain commercial food processes are necessary. To be consumed, the majority of the ingredients must be treated; further processing transforms the basic elements into dishes like pizza. Post secondary food production has been criticized for being unhealthy overall, lacking in essential nutrients, encouraging nibbling and water retention, having limited fiber and sugar, and generally being harmful to one’s health.

The fields of food science that deal with making and preparing food are both quite vast. Among the objectives of food processing are the following:

  • It increases the shelf life of the product of food products.
  • Take care not to pollute your food.
  • Food preservation and delivery.
  • creates enticing, corporate culinary items with raw foodstuff.
  • Create jobs for a sizable population.

Techniques for preparing food

There are many different types of components that need to come together for the best food processing, from the possibility for an insect or microbe to penetrate and grow on foods to the biochemical functions of foodstuff. Food processing methods include the ones listed below:

  • eliminating the uppermost layer of the essential tenets.
  • chopping or slashing
  • Slicing up
  • Subsidence
  • Fusion
  • Making Diets
  • Mixing
  • Gasification is the procedure of combining gas with drinks or dough.
  • Trying
  • Bunch dry
  • Vapour purification
  • Covering

Food preservation is indeed a process being used to prepare food to prevent bacterial activity, yeast, and various other germs. It involves a process to prevent the lipids from oxidizing, which could lead to microbiological deterioration. There are numerous methods of preserving food that is designed specifically for this use. Some of the selected preservation techniques are listed below:

  • Drying
  • Glazing
  • Temperature Reduction
  • Preheating
  • Dunk

Mr. shubhodeep prasanta das of  Hylife Group provides all these facilities.

The Branch of Business Administration

The Broadcasting Company and Writer’s Association of Thai (BJ.AT) started the program, which had been held on Jan 29, 2023, just at Amari Don Mueang Airport, to present prizes for the best CEOs in Thai. The Highlife Organization, which has been established during the COVID-19 epidemic, was managed by Mr shubhodeep prasanta das to successfully navigate the crisis. Highlife Company first found great success in the manufacturing of healthcare masks, the acquisition of real estate, mortgage financing, and the selling of apartments while other industries, including food manufacturing and debt relief, were created.

2023 CEO Thailand Award winner

Thailand Award winner illuminates corporate leadership in Chiang Mai. The CEO Thai Prize that Mr Das, the founder of the company as group CEO, received in 2023 helped Highlife Company rise to the top of the Chiang Mai private industry in industries including property investment, loans, debt restructuring, food manufacturing, and emergency aid. All regions of Thailand have experienced a decline in income during the COVID pandemic. A group with huge potential has been put together by Das and the current management to create services and products in places like Chiang Mai in which the COVID-19 epidemic has less of an effect. In such challenging times, the enterprises of the Highlife Family have assisted with wealth inequality and have fuelled the economy by creating new jobs. Although it was against the current there at the time, as COVID-19 led a tourist destination such as Chiang Mai to stall, it was preferable to do nothing. Unexpectedly, the business’s apartment development has gotten greater good feedback than anticipated since individuals with great potential and expertise from different backgrounds joined the firm and helped it succeed. The condominiums building is leased out in or less than one year. This one is thought to have a significant effect on emerging Chiang Mai enterprises. When after nation is reopened, it is anticipated that Chang Mai’s GDP would rebound. Individuals have become used to living using COVID-19, therefore the company is getting ready to produce more projects to help any future commercial prospects.

Looking for the best real estate company at your place

It is very much difficult to sustain in the field of real estate. There is lot of competition in the field of real estate and you need to sustain the competition in order to be the best among them. To excel in the real estate market you need to have the best strategies. If you want to have the best property to buy from the best real estate company you can visit shubhodeep prasanta das. They are the best company in the field of real estate who have lot of experience and has undertaken the best deals of projects and finished then successfully. There are many people who have purchased the residences from them and are happily living. If you want to have the best residence according to your needs then they are the best option.

How to choose the best company for buying the residence?

They are the best real estate company who take up the projects and develop them with creative and beautiful way. They develop the properties with the best ideas and they build according to the modern life. They are very much passionate towards their work and has the best team to make the every project successful. The members of the team are very much experienced and qualified and deliver the best services possible to the company. They always upgrade themselves according to the changes that are happening and that is the best thing for any company to be best among others. They take everything into consideration while working with the project. They take care of the design of the project, construction and every minute detailing of the project. Thus they always succeed in every project they undertake and deliver the best places for their customers to live in.

Criteria for the selection of property

Investment needs to be done carefully mainly while buying the property. certain characters need to be taken into account while investing in the property. value for the money and the attractive form of the project plan are the aspects to consider. This main feature can be noted in most of the projects planned by the shubhodeep prasanta das which invests to be worthy.

What is an attractive form of project:

This is a kind of distribution that takes place between mainly the open form of area and an occupied land need to be optimum. The more the area is open greater is the chance for the development of the project.

what is value for the money?

Most people like to invest in property that is not expensive. In this case, rental yield related to the property should not exceed the required percent of 3.0.

Price: the price or the rate of the property need not exceed the affordability. This makes it possible to be more committed.

Vicinity: it has to be kept in mind that the investment needs to be done at a location that is well-known to an investor. Investing in an unknown town needs to be avoided. The property which is near to schools, market and hospital is mainly preferable.

Negatives: attention needs to be paid to the drawbacks of a property like busy roads, too close to the airport, remote location, and other negative aspects. This is mainly due to the reason causing hardships as well as the lower value of the property and life.

Open floor: some property that has slots and pockets for cabinets, wardrobes, fridge, and many more offer better space for the open floor. The house should be able to occupy all the special furniture.

Parking: when a person owns a car or two-wheeler the property must provide an adequate place for a parking facility.

Exciting Trends for Investing

Every field of knowledge has its hot trends that are constantly being discussed. Whether it’s in the workplace, personal life, education or any other area of your life, these trendy topics might be the key to success in the future. While such trends may seem to be mere popularity, they can help or harm your business or personal life. Here are some of the exciting trends for investing:

To succeed, you need to start early

The problem with the younger generation is that they are still living at home with their parents or not yet ready to move out. If they are still in school and don’t arrive at a job until they graduate, it’s going to be hard for them to make any big investment in the shubhodeep prasanta das markets. However, it may help if we tell them to begin an investment plan as soon as possible.

Holding stocks over longer periods means more money

This is a classic rule that is still being utilized by big players in the stock market. Instead of buying and selling to take advantages of short-term price movements, buy and hold for a long time to gain from long-term price swings. This means using a buy-and-hold strategy for investments as much as possible.

Knowledge is the key to unlocking good investment opportunities

This trend is all about being equipped with the necessary tools to make good investments in any market. Not surprisingly, investing and business market trends are often closely related. The best way for investors to make the most of any market condition is to be knowledgeable about stock and other investment markets.

Stocks that pay dividends is an excellent option

Another trend in stocks is buying stocks from companies that reward you with dividends each year. Dividends are the amount of money paid by companies to investors out of their earnings for the past year. This trend is very popular with investors because you can immediately put your money to use.

How To Invest and Make Money From Home

Today, in an age where the average person is constantly struggling with the prospect of earning a living wage and keeping the lights on, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to entrepreneurship as an answer. People are taking matters into their own hands by opening their own shubhodeep prasanta das businesses and creating something from nothing. Here are some tips for the aspiring entrepreneur.

Learn How to Sell

The most important thing that a person needs to understand before they can successfully start a business is that their career will revolve around sales. You need to be able to sell what you have in order to make any money, simple as that. When people are first starting out on their own, they can be in possession of a product that has yet to be established as a viable business model. No one is going to buy something that no one knows about. This means that you need to learn how to sell your product to the public in order for it to become a successful business venture.

Learn How to Market

shubhodeep prasanta das

You’re going to need people to buy your product in order to make it a viable business. The way you’re going to be able to sell your product is by learning how to market. There are a lot of different ways that you can market, one of which is through social networking sites. You can get started by posting on Facebook and Twitter and building up your brand in order for people to know who you are and subsequently buy your product.

Learn the Basics of Accounting

You need to be able to balance your checkbook, otherwise you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. You need to have a good idea of how much money is coming into your business and how much money you’re spending. The only way that this will happen as far as accounting is concerned is if you learn it from the ground up. Start out by understanding the very basics of accounting, starting with the balance sheet.