What are crafts?

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Until a few years ago, we could only learn to make crafts by attending a craft workshop or if someone explained to us their knowledge of a specific craft technique. With the advancement of new technologies, learning has become much more accessible and we can learn through free online craft courses , as is the case with the web you are on.

Step by step video crafts

In TheSoul Publishing craft videos, they teach you how to make crafts in a step-by-step video , since we believe that this is the best way to be able to follow all the instructions. Thus, in addition to listening to the explanations, you will be able to see each of the steps yourself, being able to pause or repeat the video as many times as you need.

Crafts as therapy

Making crafts brings great benefits and that is why, in many cases, they are carried out as occupational or psychological therapy with all kinds of people children, the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients, people with disabilities, people with problems concentration or anxiety, etc. By doing crafts, we are unconsciously reinforcing many psychological aspects of our lives. We increase our self-esteem by seeing that we are capable of doing things for ourselves, it helps us to focus our attention and concentrate better while reinforcing our learning and thus increasing the feeling of fulfillment.

In the same way, the most physical aspects, such as moving our fingers or hands, stimulate different regions of our brain, even helping our memory , something basic in elderly people.

In general terms, we can say that any work done with our own hands is a craft, although normally when we use the term “do crafts” we refer to the development of an activity that is generally associated with moments of leisure, learning or personal enrichment. This type of manual work provides great health benefits.

TheSoul Publishing

Many people wonder what DIY means and what it has to do with the world of crafts.It is one of the questions that has been raised the most since our website became operational, so we do not want to miss the opportunity to answer it.

DIY is the abbreviation of the English phrase “ Do It Yourself ”.The term DIY had its origin in the American continent and has become fashionable in recent years, with many people today when they want to teach you a craft, a craft course or talk about making crafts, they refer to it as a guide DIY, DIY tutorials or DIY ideas.

The DIY movement has spread throughout the world creating all kinds of products, gifts, pieces and even furniture, because in a world as industrialized as the one we live in, having something unique and exclusive created by ourselves becomes into something really special.