Ways to Reach Targeted Users with Right PR Strategy

tech companies

There’re a lot of ways for the tech company to get latest news in major publications. The journalists will create PR activity in different ways. We can discuss it here with help of Ronn Torossian.

Research internal & external brand factors

Begin with what went right before for your business or what efforts did not work out. It can include:

  • Reviewing the influencer relationships & results
  • Tracking the media mentions
  • Review buyer personas & customer insights
  • Assessing social media engagement & traffic KPIs

After that, you must do competitive analysis and check out what’s working right for others in your industry. Thus, social listening tools will help to speed up the process.

Use Social Media for Engaging More Audiences

No matter whether you are new to the social media or you have experience, taking the fresh look at the social channels and approaches will help you to generate relationships. Audience would like to connect with your brands that they like on the social media: around 66% of the consumers who make use of Facebook follow the brand on platform. On a B2B front, around 65% of the B2B firms have used LinkedIn ads to get new business.

Effective media posts do not need having the social media manager. Anyone will be able to create the most compelling posts just by sharing the expertise, which matches the interests of their audience. For instance, if you are the event photographer, you may post tips and take winning family picture and share photos to display what you actually know about.

News & Press Releases

It is a simplest way of getting information in the media coverage. When the startup has newsworthy information, do not send this to your blog; consider getting big media publishers, and write the news release.