Tips On Buying Bongs And Glass Water Pipes Online

Posted On By Adam
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The modern era has seen a surge in the popularity of glassware, and due to this trend, many smokers find it necessary to purchase a high quality bong online. Whether you’re buying for yourself or your friends, these tips will help you shop and decide what bongs are best for you.

#1: Consider A Vase

A vase is preferable because it allows users to use the water from an ice pack rather than filling up the entire chamber by submerging the ice cubes with water. Conversely, without a vase option, there is always a risk of wetting one’s lungs, making oneself sick, and wasting water on unnecessary refills. Vases are more expensive, but they will ensure that you enjoy your choice’s bong.

#2: Consider A Bowl With A Dip Inside

A bowl is only half as deep as a bong, so it is recommended to look for one with a dip at the bottom. What makes this option appealing is that one can fill up the bowl and place ice inside for cooling without the risk of submerging their lungs. Rather than inhaling water directly from the bong’s spout, users can plunge their heads into this bowl to cool off.

#3: Consider A Glass Bong With A Filtration Screen

While a giant bong is more challenging to carry around, it can also come with additional features, such as a filtration system. Besides, this kind of bong is cheaper than a vase. However, one must be careful to keep the glass intact when carrying it around because there is no way to replace broken pieces. Additionally, although these kinds of bongs look like water pipes, they are not precisely the same. For instance, water pipes are used to smoke dry herbs, whereas bongs are used for smoking tobacco and marijuana.


#4: Consider A Bong With A Bowl That Fits Into The Side

If your bong has a bowl at the bottom, consider buying a bong with a bowl that fits into the side. One advantage of this is that you can avoid accidentally flooding your lungs or spilling water. The only downside is that it will be harder to clean up since you won’t be able to submerge the bowl in all its glory fully.

#5: Consider Pricing Before You Buy

A bong costs more than an ordinary pipe as it comes with glass, plastic, and metal parts. Additionally, those with multiple chambers and filtration systems are pricier. However, by comparing what dealers offer, you may find that the same quality bong is priced differently from one store to another. Thus, it means you can save money if you shop around before making your final decision.

#6: Consider A Glass Bong With Percolator(s)

The more percolators in a bong, the denser and smoother the hit. Some of these bongs provide users with an experience that is both smooth and flavorful and unique in taste and lung capacity.