Sales Network And Salesmen In Outsourcing: Is It Worth It?

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Are your salespeople struggling to place products and services? Don’t have time to evaluate, follow and analyze the results of your sales network? A good solution could be outsourcing!

But what exactly does it mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages and when is it really worthwhile to resort to outsourcing? Let’s find out together with
Smart Circle.


Outsourcing is a practice used by several companies to reduce costs by transferring or “outsourcing” parts of work to suppliers or third-party companies.

In practice it means “delegating” certain functions to professionals who can perform them better than we could do internally. When used correctly, outsourcing is a particularly effective savings strategy.


The concept of Outsourcing can also be extended to the commercial branch. In this case we mean the delegation of the sales processes to external specialists. Imagine having at your disposal some real “sharks” of the sale, so good that they would be able to “sell ice to the Eskimos”; specialized professionals who know exactly what to do and do not need any training… It would be a dream!

Smart Circle

But the truth is a little different, and hiring outside salespeople can come with some drawbacks. Here are the PROS and CONS to think about before making your decision on outsourcing sales.


Time savings: No staff to train or planning meetings to organize. Hiring outside salespeople will save you a lot of time that you can invest in growing other areas of your business. By carefully and wisely choosing the company to outsource your sales processes to, you can invest your time in other fields.

Greater Flexibility: Another advantage for outsourcing is the greater flexibility regarding interventions in the market. Imagine operating in a market where there is no certainty about the future, thanks to outsourcing you can increase or reduce efforts and investments in a very flexible way. After all, it is easier and “ethical” to reduce the budget allocated to the sales section, rather than firing a salaried employee.

Better Results: B2B dating firms provide face to face sales experts who can make a difference in their niche. They know the bestselling techniques and methods and are more likely to place a product or service than you would have.