Implementing Augmented Reality into marketing tools

Ronn Torossian

The whole business model is changing every year with the improvement in technology.               As most of the process is done through digital platforms, newly introduced firms need to concentrate on the advanced techniques through which they can improve the business and develop to the next level. We know the kind of development businesses have been witnessing in the past decade. With the help of technology, many other tools were introduced that only made different factors easily accessible.

Marketing is one of the most crucial functions of any firm. As there are a lot of digital transformations happening, it required the help of current tools that are being followed by the firms. Augmented Reality is one of the trending technology that is shaping the way people will look into business in the future. It gives an out-of-the-world experience where people will be able to witness elevated digital content like images, sounds, and text. Ronn Torossian, the founder of 5WPR, has always had his bet on futuristic technology.

How does it help businesses?

According to the words of 5WPR Founder, Augmented Reality is definitely going to change the course of business operations in the coming years. Let us look at some of the ways in which it will help firms;

Ronn Torossian

  • It increases sales:

Customers can enjoy virtual viewing of all kinds of products right from their homes. Amazon uses this facility in their tool called Room Decorator. It helps the customers to buy furniture or décor items that will suit their home. This becomes a try before you buy concept due to which customers end up trying many other products and eventually buy more.

  • Makes a brand value:

When any business is into AR, people will definitely talk about it and the firm will be the talk of the town. This automatically improves the visibility of the business and with a digital presence, there could be more people wanting to use their products and services.

  • No language barrier:

With Augmented Reality, any person from around the world can take the authentic experience that businesses offer. It does not require any particular language to communicate as everything is done through digital virtual platforms.

  • Other usages:

The AR can also be used in posters, banners, magazines, and other print media to attract people. Many firms are trying to elevate their static advertisements through various methods. It not only helps them to get more customers but also makes the business reach a new level without any need to wait for many years.