Where Can I Use The Magnetic Screen Door?

Amazon magnetic Screen Door

The Flux Phenom Magnetic screen door attaches magnetically to your frame without any screws or tools, and it’s durable, reusable, and completely retractable. You can use it anywhere. Here are a few of the ways you might want to use our magnetic screen door:

In your home: Our magnetic screen doors will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of fresh air while keeping flies, bugs, and other insects out. Some people open their screen doors only a couple of times a year. But if you live in a windy or humid area, the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door will allow you to open your screen door more often, without worrying about accidentally opening it while you walk by.

In your yard: If you have dogs or other pets, this is a great way to keep them from getting through the screen door by accident. The magnets are strong enough to hold small animals inside, so they can’t sneak out when you aren’t looking. This is a great way to keep squirrels out, too!

Amazon magnetic Screen Door

Under your deck or porch: If you have a screen porch or deck that has a mesh ceiling, you can use the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door to protect yourself from bugs and insects that fly in through the mesh. Just attach it on the underside of your ceiling and lock it down, and you’ve got a bug-free alternative to an outdoor blanket!

Around your pool: No more worrying about bees getting into your pool! With our magnetic screen door, you can punch some holes in the mesh to let air flow through without letting any bugs get in.

Where Can I Get The Magnetic Screen Door

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