What is Field service management

Field Service Management is a method for organizing and optimizing processes that take place outside the office. This includes advice, sales, repair and maintenance work, customer support and regular inspections.

Importance of field service

Many service minder software offers a wide range of field services, so they need to be able to coordinate numerous tasks, tools, people, and mobile devices. For example, a field service manager at a company selling home healthcare equipment might have the following tasks:

  • Plan meetings and presentations
  • Dispatch technicians to set up and inspect the equipment
  • Track the progress of individual field workers

All of these aspects need to be constantly tracked, organized, updated and optimized. This is where this type of management comes into play because, without a central system to manage these tasks, it is almost impossible to run a business efficiently.

The history of the development

So far, much of this work has been done manually. However, this approach was time-consuming and error-prone. It was extremely difficult to understand certain influential aspects such as: To master incomplete data, lagging salespeople or communication problems.

This field service management software was developed in parallel with mobile technology. It is a technological solution that enables field service managers to take control of all components by automating certain tasks. At the same time, it enables remote access to the office, real-time updates, customer insights and many other tools.

This type of management is useful in all industries where employees are out-of-home. This service software is particularly worthwhile for industries such as utilities, healthcare, construction, property and land maintenance, and telecommunications. There are many features of this management system provide a company with many immediate and long-term benefits such as a better customer experience, shorter response times and time and resource savings.