The Dynamic and Passionate Leadership of Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov is counted among one of the most famous leaders and entrepreneurs today. He has set an extremely high bar for the others across different industries. He possesses a wide experience of 30 years in the branding, marketing, and operational areas. The advice that he has for others is considered precious by many. From the early stages of his career to his current status, Alexei Orlov has a passion for thinking big and push the boundaries of marketing solutions.

Taking a closer look at the early career

Orlov had intended to become a part of the priesthood. He realized that his calling was to help others as the leader of a church. Like any other young aspiring priest, he turned towards seminary to begin his journey. However, a family situation made him to left the seminary and come back home. At home, his desire to be a priesthood member began to fade away.

After that, Orlov realized that the priesthood wasn’t the right choice for him. On starting a job with merchandising, he knew that his true calling was into the business world. The merchandising job required Orlov to use his creative and operational skills for which he was more than happy to do.

Orlov then realized that his mind draws him towards leadership positions. He began business in the early stages of his life. Speaking with CEOs and client officers of the companies he worked for, was something that he really enjoyed. He would often discuss the issues related to marketing and branding with them. From these talks, he gained confidence and shaped his way to leadership roles.

Alexei Orlov

Initial leadership roles

Early in his career, Alexei Orlov had successful entrepreneurial ventures. He owned MCW and ROCQM, specializing in brand strategy. After Orlov built them up, these were sold, giving significant profits.

Alexei also worked with Wunderman, a digital specialist agency ranked among the top agencies. He served roles as Global CEO, Executive Vice-Chairman, and President of European Operations.

Adventures with MTM

By 2017, Alexei had gained extensive experience with established companies. He then created his own business. He founded MTM, a group specializing in media and brand development. This was an efficient way for him to return and reattach to the marketing roots. By this venture, he could utilize his creative thinking to deliver successful and out-of-the-box solutions to clients.

Through MTM, Orlov connects with different companies from all over the globe and offers his expertise.

Orlov dedicates his success to the hard work he has done along the way. There is no God-given gift or talent for entrepreneurship. He says that it is the willingness of a person to learn that shapes him.