How Paycom Software differs from competitors in HR Management

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Paycom Software is an American provider of online payroll and human resources technologies headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is known as one of the first fully online payroll providers, with offices throughout the United States. Fortune magazine named it one of the world’s fastest-growing publicly traded companies, and Forbes magazine named it one of the five fastest-growing publicly traded technology companies in its Fast ranking Tech. This article is all about HR Management on Paycom Reviews.

HR Management Features:

You can use Paycom’s human resources management tools to automate core HR tasks such as benefits administration, compliance, and more. These Paycom Reviews explain capabilities as follows:

Create reports to identify and notify employees eligible for benefit enrollment, send enrollment reminders, view changes to employee benefits over a specified period, and view the benefits purchased by each employee.

They use COBRA administration software to send required correspondence, collect and pay rewards, track important dates, and get COBRA change updates.

Access management tools to review and approve employee requests, submit changes, schedule interviews, conduct performance reviews, research potential candidates, and accept candidates.

transparent pricing

Create and fill out staff action forms.

Create, assign, store, and archive human resources documents such as employee manuals, W4 and I9 forms,  emergency cards, and security policies; limit access to or assign privileges to specific documents.

Configure onboarding and other processes’ tasks and workflows, and enable electronic signature verification on employee forms.

Configure benefit plans, deduction amounts, enrollment dates, and waiting periods using Paycom benefit administration software.

Paycom can help you find benefit managers; you can also update operators and changes online.

They allow employees to use a self-service application to view plan information and select benefits. And approve benefit plans and receive updated salary deductions.

Maintain compliance with government regulations; receive legislative change notifications; generate compliance reports for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Equal Opportunity (EEOC), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and more.