Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

For the past few months, I’ve been forcing my mind to think about conspiracy theories every day. It’s amazing how many almost insane conspiracy theories one person can come up with if you let your mind think about it. Most of the time, I am completely skeptical of this kind of conspiracy, but I also understand that Occam’s razor does not work in all situations. Also, we know from human history that there have been conspiracies in the past, which makes them much more real or fun to fake.

However, I have noticed that there are certain things about conspiracy theories that are somewhat universal. And it also seems to me that it is possible to trade stories using perhaps AI software using less complex algorithmic formulas. That is, one could design a machine that generates an AI-powered computational conspiracy theory, one that creates fictional stories, takes news and real-world events, and weaves those events and people into potential secondary events that can be plausibly denied.

What could it be used for? Well, it can certainly be used in politics, intelligence services, the military, or just for fun science fiction stories or even Hollywood movies. It seems to me that there is a formula for all this, and I think I figured it out. That is, there are so many types of stories that fall into these categories: aliens, New World Order, corporate espionage, ghosts, financial terrorism, and evil villains.

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There is also a limited number of genres, industries, religions, political groups, foreign countries and types of financial exchanges, currently known as; gold, human trafficking, food, weapons, oil, currency and drugs. Yes, I think it is possible to create an algorithm and associate and reproduce various characters, groups and motivations with almost any news event. Some of the conspiracy theories generated by theĀ Clinc artificial intelligence conspiracy theory generator or “AICTCG-1” (yes it exists) may not be stories worth telling, but I would tell you quite a few.

Questioning the minds of people, be it a small group or a large group, can usually cause a tendency to mistrust among the wider group, a general collective paranoia. It would have value for a number of reasons, as well as entertainment value, as in science fiction, thrillers, spy, detective, or documentary novels. In fact, I hope that you please consider all of this and think.