Day: October 17, 2021

What are the 4 Ps of marketing in an organization

Marketing is the way of getting customers’ interest in your products and services. The organization must maintain a perfect relationship with them. Communication with past and potential customers is also an essential part by writing thank you emails and offering some advantages with products. Marketing solution companies also provide marketing guidelines to those companies who […]

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Liquid deicer is a versatile tool

Have anyone thought about buying liquid deicers to supplement the rock salt provision? And also what exactly is a liquid deicer? In principle, it’s a fluid salt mixture with a wider range of snow removal applications than conventional rock salt. Although it isn’t widely used as a snow clearing solution, it is fast becoming one. There […]

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Understand the importance of Face to face marketing

According to the marketing, face to face method is to directly communicate with the prospective customers to make the sales. A Smart Circle face-to-face marketing strategy may include scheduled meetings, product demonstrations, exhibitions, and events. Prospective customers can be engaged and sell your product effectively by meeting in person, forming a personal connection that is […]

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